COD Mobile Season 11

COD Mobile Season 11 Ultimate Frontier Update – Everything You Need to Know

COD Mobile Season 11 is the final season for 2022 of the popular Call of Duty mobile game. You may remember that last season’s numbers reverted to Season 1, replacing Season 14 of The New Order starting in 2021. Now that number has been rewritten and will return for Season 10 in 2022. You’ll find out with the next season’s service call on mobile.

When Will COD Mobile Season 11 2022 Start?

The next season of COD Mobile Season 11 will premiere on December 14th at 4 pm PT. And December 15th in many countries. You will see the update for the day, but the time will start.

COD Mobile: Final Season 11?

Call of Duty Mobile Final Season 11

To wrap up the year, COD Mobile Season 11 takes things to the next level with Ultimate Frontier. Introducing World War 2.0, bringing back Santa Snoop’s father dog character, and bringing a lot of fun to the game. As the name suggests, there is also an empty theme.

COD Mobile Season 11 New Map

New this season is an interactive map set in World War II. Previous Crossroad Strike maps had lots of snowmobiles.

New Weapon

A bullpup rifle was found in Season 11 plus EM2, level 21 of the Free Trial.

What Happened in Season 10: World Class?

What Happened in Season 10 World Class

New Map

A new multiplayer map – Crossroads Strike – first appeared in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The map is small and expands according to the game’s extreme weather conditions.

New locations have also been added to Battle Royale, with three new areas and unique maps, including the Atlas Shipwreck Site, Atlas Refinery, and Arena, all following the theme of the game.

New Weapon

A new weapon coming to CoDM is LAPA, his new SMG available at level 21.

What Happened in Call of Duty Mobile: Season 9?

What Happened in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

When Zombies return to Call of Duty Mobile for Season 9, the title track will be revealed. There have been many zombie events in the past, and versions of the game have come and gone without anyone dying.

There are two types of zombies on the map: zombies like She-Nu and her undead super attack.

Classic Zombie

In this mode, you will fight off waves of zombies with Mystery Her Box together with your teammates. It’s been around for years for players of Call of Duty Mobile.

Super Attack of the Undead

This mode turns around and draws a single target. This is the ultimate player cut whose skill improves over time. I’ve seen this person before, but something is different this time.

New Map

Hacienda is a Halloween map that transports you to a spooky Hacienda surrounded by period decorations.

New Weapon

Season 9 introduces a new weapon, the Krug 6. We’ve already seen this in COD: Black Ops Cold War. It can be unlocked for free with the Level 21 Battle Pass.

What Happened in Call of Duty Mobile: Season 8?

What Happened in Season 8

Another season of Call of Duty Mobile is filled with the spirit of James Bond as a mobile game meets espionage. This is a new episode with many references to the Agent Duo genre.

New Map

There are new maps – they reveal – a first for Black Ops II. This is a multiplayer map with many obstacles to fight in a platform environment. You can reach the door through the camera, but watch out for the train!

New Weapon

New weapons arrived this time, including a new cannon, the 20mm ZRG. It can be unlocked at level 21. There is also a butterfly charm that can be obtained by completing the timer.

There is also a new program called Spycraft. This allows you to steal money from other players for your own use. Since weapons are good for things, they work for you.

What Happened in COD Mobile: Season 7?

What Happened in COD Mobile Season 7

Season 7 is a big thing for CoD Mobile Battle Royale to activate the goal of supporting GITS. It features a brand new city – a new royale area – with a futuristic style and more gameplay features.

Battle Royale has a repetitive style – instead of collecting symbols, collect monsters – your enemies are robots and working dogs. Cyberware also has updates for players such as micro-drone mods, engine improvements, tracking, and detecting enemies with their own abilities.

Season 7 introduces the future Battle Royale Cyber City, which will be located on another map near Newtown. That seems to be the only change and we don’t expect any other plans to be made at this time.

New Weapon

Season 7 introduces a new weapon, the Switchblade X9, which you can unlock at level 21. A collapsible, collapsible, and fully collapsible weapon.

Free Battle allows you to use another GITS with level 14 hunger.

What Happened to COD Mobile: Season 5?

What Happened to Call of Duty Season 5

Call of Duty Season 5 brings us back to the wild from Season 4, with new combat and gameplay content, including a new UI, new player rooms, and new battle pages. The shop has also been renovated.

New Map

Black Ops will be the fifth new Cold War apocalypse map. This is a short recipe for healthy work. It has a combination of different battles where you can hide bags. Although you can move in space, there is a physical rush that makes you feel the intensity of the battle.

New Weapon

Season 5 records include Odin, another devastating weapon. This will include the Tier 21 Battle Pass. You can also get a factory air cylinder compressor, which plugs into the RPD and keeps it cool. There’s also a new eco grenade that shows where enemies are so you can take them out safely.

New Game Mode

From June 3rd to June 9th you can sing in 5 funny moments. This way you pay us 8 for free. Killing people will hurt you to become a great warrior that improves your health and helps in the double-killing machine.

There will be Team Bravo events where you can also earn rewards as you progress through the story.

What Happened in COD Mobile: Season 4?

What Happened in COD Mobile Season 4

Wild Dogs dictates the action in the wilderness and plays up the theme at the start of the game. Naturally, there will be new Battle Passes and dessert items to collect.

New Weapon

Season 4 introduces the newest weapon, the Kushka. Enter the world of bullpup sniping.

New Game Mode

The biggest change in Season 4 is coming to the battle royale. This will tell you which storm to avoid, but there are plenty of cycling options if you get caught in a storm.

What Happened in COD Mobile: Season 3?

What Happened in Mobile Season 3

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 will be called Radical Red and, as revealed by the trailer, will have an 80s theme. One of the highlights is that Snoop Dogg will be back for a third season.

“D or Twin G is back in Call of Duty and this time I have a crazy game ahead of me! I’m excited to work with the COD team to make all things fly for you. Well… You want me to be able to.” Play. And… working with Crazy Snoop.” as everyone writes. Check out what Snoop had to say in the blog post. Snoop Dogg will be here on April 1st.

New Weapon

Season 3 will add another SMG to the upcoming Mach 10 with more firepower in the mix. He is popular and has appeared in many 80s movies.

Change in Mind

It has been declared that there will be no creation in Rishi Amar. The transition from a particular situation to an event is discontinuous, but the message is that it is eternal, and the siege is immortal.

However, battle royale more power is coming and the first new content is coming in season 4, so stay tuned in May 2022.

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