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Pubg Mobile Season 19

Pubg Mobile Season 19 Release Date With Level Rewards and Royal Pass

Pubg mobile season 19 release date with level rewards and royal pass has been leaked. The deadline for PUBG Mobile Season 18 has just been announced.

And now players are wondering for PUBG Mobile Season 19 what’s new, the exciting gaming experience is in store.

Release Date and Royal Pass of Pubg Mobile Season 19:


Release Date and Royal Pass of Pubg Mobile Season 19


According to previous information, PEBG Mobile will air 17 seasons on May 17. Players can purchase two paid versions of the Pass: Elite Pass և Elite Pass Plus 600 UC և 1800 UC. There are only two weeks left in the 19th season, and the next season’s awards have been leaked, which are listed below:

Gold Level Awards:

Gold Level Awards

Gold is the first level when athletes receive lucrative prizes through clothing. Players receive free gold at the end of the game.

Platinum Level Awards:

Platinum Level Awards

Platinum players can then collect skins to match the gold-level organization. This mask has 800 pieces of silver as a gift for the platinum surface.

Diamond Level Awards:

Diamond Level Awards

The most exciting award of the 19th stage was the Diamond Stage. Take a look at the photos to decide which one is better to order for free. Play five races to reach the level, then try to adjust your weapons. There is also a 1000 silver coin as a secondary prize for this level.

What will Season 19 Royale Pass cost?

A full RP of pubg mobile will cost you 600 UC ($9.99 / £9.99/ Rs. 700). In full RP, players will have complete access to all the rewards and can speed up progression by playing Elite Missions.

If you are choosing an Elite Pass Plus, it will cost you 1800 UC ($29.99 /£29.99 / Rs. 2100). On purchasing this Elite Pass, your rank will jump up to 25 and can enjoy all the individual rewards.

Crown Level Awards:

If you want to improve your rankings և get a place in the list of the best players on the server, Crown is for you. Once you reach this goal, you will receive a Qualification Protection Card. The card avoids deducting assessment points. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

In addition, the floor of the crown includes a Crown Pubg Mobile Season 18 plaque, Team Epic Interior Effect 1300 silver coins.

Ace Level Awards:

The ace level is complemented by other seasonal umbrellas. At the moment, the Parachute և 1600 Silver Shards, the Pubg Mobile Season 19 title և the arrival of the national team is nothing but symbolic.

Conqueror Level Awards:

The most difficult level of the game, after being ranked in the top 500 game servers, you get Season Winner Frame, Season Winner Plate և Season winning titles. In addition to a great deal of respect for the winner’s attitude towards morality, there is also the effect of including mystery. Don’t forget to ask for 2000 silver coins, which you can spend on coupons and clothes.

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