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Floyd Mayweather Admits

Floyd Mayweather Admits He’s Surprised After Logan Paul Lasted the Distance in Exhibition Bout – Floyd Mayweather

Great young warrior Floyd Mayweather admits strong, tough. He was better than me. Floyd Mayweather amits paid tribute to Mami as she walked away from Logan Paul at an exhibition at Hard Rock Stadium thus. Floyd Mayweather said he was amazed at Logan Paul’s boxing skills after the YouTube star’s last bell rang in Miami. A boxing legend has successfully thrown eight rounds on social media without announcing a winner under Myanmar’s Hard Rock Stadium rules.

Floyd Mayweather Admits

  • “I’m having fun. You guessed it, I’m 21 now,” he told Showtime Sport.
  • “But it’s good to be social with these young boys. Check out my abilities. Have some fun.”
  • “St. Great the Young Warrior is strong and strong. He was better than me
  • It was a tough competition. It was a good operation.
  • “I’m surprised tonight. Good boy.”

Although he had a little desire, he knew how to use his weight and how to pull me tonight.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul exceeded expectations to avoid disruption and was allowed to leave.

  • I don’t want anyone to tell me anything, it’s impossible,” he told Showtime Sport. I’m here to prove that adversity can be overcome, then the best boxer of all time.
  • When I go I am traditional, I am independent and everyone is in them.
  • It simply came to our notice then.
  • That’s when we woke up.
  • You never knew this boy. I wonder, did Floyd let me live?
  • It’s the best thing ever,” he said.
  • It’s hard to kill, it’s always hard to kill and it’s not ancient.
  • Flood Meyer vs. Logan Paul 2. I don’t know, let me do something good. Maybe I’ll finish it later.

McDowell rejected an exhibition match after a notorious fight against Jack Paul in Miami.

Oh, we don’t know what the future holds, but I’ll talk to my team about it and see where I’m going, he said. You see, I’ve been in this game for 25 years. I’m 21, I don’t think I’m 25, but I enjoyed it tonight.

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