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U.S. Intelligence Officials

U.S. Intelligence Officials Have No Evidence to Find Alien – Support UFOs Extraterrestrial Encounters

U.S Intelligence Officials and the word are used at the end of the US Congress for the intelligence of an uncertain character. And from the hope of UFOs is, in the explosion. Whatever it is, though it is nothing. When the US sense, the message will not be perfectly true proves UFOs. After a decade of conspiracy theories, TV, movies joke about the President. He will end Intel controls to change sides and other issues. It is not possible. In a report to Congress a month later, two U.S. intelligence officials said they had no definitive explanation for the airstrikes by military pilots.

U.S Intelligence Officials

But the report, which does not exclude pilots of new technologies, can see other developed countries. An American intelligence official said there was nothing. Who says they have revealed the things he has. Minister of Public Authority and lack of information on the state of anonymity. It is not registered in the New York Times when it was first published.

The next few years, in some cases, in which he asks for the report. And now I will ask the pilots and do it like birds of the object. The Director of National Congress in December asked to provide intelligence information to the U.S. Intelligence officials Government in the dark and aerial UAP. The Ministry of Defense is also trying to integrate the UAP working group established six months ago.

According to the official, the published version of the report is equivalent to one month for the report of the planned public traffic situation, but the end has come. A man spoke at the Pentagon about Suu Kyi’s reputation for fighting comment on Friday. The Pentagon’s UAP activity for groups working closely with the director of the National Intelligence Agency will report to Congress on the dispatch of the DNI. ‘

Asked the report from the White House, said spokeswoman Jane Sackii was the first “Friday is always a problem.” But the other added: “I say, we know our God for us, which is serious, and the defeat of the airspace of the blood of all the customers of the members of the most important customers do not know – if they knew it is that it is not. ”

Central Intelligence Agency

The Pentagon says the Central Intelligence Agency has developed programmers or objects in the sky at the rate of decades. Seriously the US government is using air, it is not possible to know whether national security at the military base in the area of the new air capabilities of Russia and China is more sensitive handling.

And he seems to be in the US for safety. But be aware that he in many cases, has to suffer a lot, and emits the memory of your flight, the professional pilots. When he found the report of the lack of most lakes he deceives. However, most UFOs are used to return to their camps. The fame of the future of the people who are in anticipation, waiting for the customers. A recent story about CBS “60 Minutes” sparked interest in its control. Elzono saw in the advanced threat identification program of the Armenian Pentagon, said the U.S. Intelligence officials, the secret official said that part of the program is important. However, full transparency is required for the government.

Elizondo Statement

  • “Me and our dollars worth of UFOs data and information,” Elizondo said. “And I think the U.S. Intelligence officials.
  • The government is committed to the success of the American people. “But I don’t see any suspicious points during the explanation phase, but they warned him and told him.
  • McWeast, Asma Ask, a pioneer, and longtime UFOs expert, said some of the US airspaces in search of an attack are possible, especially in the face of the enemy.
  • “The idea of ​​people not solving the problem of UFOs seems unknown and perhaps surprising in physics technology,” said Maghrib.
  • “The secret of family spread or popular physics, as we know it, is really good.”
  • Last year, the Pentagon announced a working group that would look into the matter for years, and the U.S.
  • Intelligence officials drafted a protocol that could be one of the returning pilots. But in recent years, more and more lawmakers are calling it an advertising ploy.
  • “There’s a bad place on top of the Capitol,” San-Marco Rubio, R-FL. “60 minutes,” he said in May.” Of course.
  • I want to make the first argument to let my colleagues know that there is something to laugh about. But I do not think we will answer the main question. We cannot stand it. “

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