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Freelancers in Argentina

Freelancers in Argentina – Argentina Gives Voice to Independent Life in Argentina

This article is the first in a series that I have called Freelance voices. Over the past three years, the freelancers in Argentina. I have written articles on the different trends that emerged from the independent revolution and have shown many coherent and emerging independent platforms, agencies, and social networks.

Freelancers in Argentina

As a side project in global freelance research that I conduct with my friend and colleague, professor Gerald of the University of Toronto, and Clara Rebello, project director, and creative director. I asked for world-class platforms to invite Freelancers to Argentina. Work, life, the challenges and the impact of remote work and covid. As the first issue of freelance voices, I am delighted to present seeds, a fast-growing independent platform that has been operating in Latam since 2018 from Argentina and supports well-known companies such as Unilever, AB Inbev, Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, Novo Nordisk, and Techint

Juan PM Change Management

Being a freelancer is a challenge in a positive sense. Mostly, I like to work this way because it gives me a better way to practice my skills. I clearly see my effort translating into results. The biggest difficulty is uncertainty. Not having a new project creates a bit of adrenaline, but it turns off when I take care of the next project.

Giuli UX Designer

The most difficult part of freelancing is putting a price on your work. Each project has its own challenges and often deviates from the original purpose, so I find it difficult to evaluate these discrepancies and changes. On the other hand, I like new projects and I meet clients who are passionate about what they do. I love the flexibility of remote work. I do not see myself returning to an office, but I need a place where I feel comfortable and focused.

Lucia Digital Merchant

I started as a freelancer with the idea of ​​being able to dedicate time to being a mom, managing my time, and knowing that I can always be close to my child, especially in the beginning. The most difficult thing for me is to know how to stop. Sometimes it is difficult to set boundaries. The best part is the ability to change customers. With each project, you learn new things.

Freelancers in Argentina Alexia UX Designer

It can be difficult to stay calm and patient and enjoy your free time when you don’t have work. The best part is jumping on different projects, clients and teams. It’s nourishing as a professional and professional experience. I enjoy working remotely, but I don’t like it. I care if I have to go back to the office three days a week.

Freelancers in Argentina Navy Full Stack Programmer

One of the hardest things is getting my first job because you don’t have a reputation or a portfolio. Overall, I enjoy working independently because it allows me to explore challenges I’ve never faced before. I’ve found that remote working has its own. Benefits, such as saving travel hours, but at the same time losing human contact. I think the future will be hybrid.

Manu Business Consultant

Being independent brings me closer to my vision as a person who constantly pushes my limits, learning new skills and rediscovering myself. I find deeper meaning in my professional life. The biggest challenge for me was evaluating my experience. The seeds played a key role.

Freelancers in Argentina Fonchi Digital Trader

The hardest things about free financing are acquiring customers, managing payments, and administrative difficulties. On the other hand, it is the variety of projects and issues that makes interacting with different customers more fun and interesting. An office for a meeting or event, to meet or interact, but never to work.

Gonzalo Full Stack Developer

The hardest thing about being a freelancer is measuring the hours a project can take and the right price. Hard times are also when the project goes beyond what you were originally asked to do and may not be your best. Ability. The funniest thing is the autonomy and flexibility that the work itself brings, in addition to the bureaucracy. I like to work remotely, but I think that every now and then we have to go to the office to interact with clients or colleagues.

Frederico Full Stack Programmer

Being a freelancer is difficult because you have to be your own business as well as being an expert in your area. The dynamism of variation between projects is both an advantage and a disadvantage of Freelancers in Argentina. Personally, I like projects where I can communicate and really contribute to a company’s vision. In my case, remote working is a blessing.

Carolina Human Resources Consultant

Without a doubt, the most interesting and fun thing is to meet different organizations, individuals, groups, and work dynamics. For anxious and curious people, open to learning, it is the ideal environment for development. Personally, the most challenging projects give me more satisfaction. It gives me great satisfaction to convey in a specific and simple way the complexity behind the processes of change and transformation.

Freelancers in Argentina Santiago UX Designer

I think the great difficulty of freelancing is separating work from personal life, especially when we are passionate about the work. The fun of all this is meeting new people, new projects, creating bonds with others for synergy and collaboration together we hope for projects for clients. Who appreciate our work. I like working from home, but I like to alternate between collaboration or study. A workplace shared with others is an asset that gives incredible value.

Lore Agile Trainer

The best thing about being a Freelancer in Argentina is that you grow up with a broader vision as a professional, enjoying the freedom and autonomy in your life. The clients and projects I can have a positive impact on are the ones I like the most. The hardest part of freelancing is not having colleagues to learn from.

Estefi Management of the Pm Exchange

In a country like Argentina, the complexity is making the project work overtime. All freelancers want the peace of mind that after completing a project, you already have another state due to the demand for your job. There are moments where your speciality is not required and this force, then you to constantly differentiate your knowledge and have the flexibility to adapt.

The interesting thing is that every project is different, be it for the industry, the working group, the culture of the customers, etc. There are millions of Freelancers in Argentina around the world who build their careers, care for their families and create value for their clients and colleagues. Thus, It is an honor to tell the stories.


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