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Garena Free Fire Max – How to Get Free Weapon Skins and Custom Space Maps by Referring Friends

Garena Free Fire MAX often presents various offers and events to reward its players. To expand the community of the Battle Royale game, the developers are currently organizing the Refer a Friend event, where existing users will have to invite their friends to Free Fire MAX. After that, guests and guests will be rewarded with in-game collectibles.

The event is quite interesting as both parties will be rewarded which will make it easier to invite friends to the game. The rewards include AN94 gun skin, custom room map, Ottero pet, Alok character , and more. However, the rewards will share between invitees and invitees.

However, the rewards for the invitee are worth it for completing the task. Readers can check out the following section to learn more about the event.

Guide to Claiming Rewards in Free Fire Max via Refer a Friend Event:

To participate in the Refer a Friend event, Free Fire MAX players must recommend the game to newbies by following the steps in the next section. However, before moving on to the stages, sponsors must first know the rules they must follow to complete the event and the rewards they will receive upon completion.
Here are the rules to remember:

Beginners (guests) must be below level 5 and must be in the same region (server) as the invitee. Users can recruit up to three starters and earn up to 3 times the rewards. Both parties (Inviting and Beginner) will only earn rewards when the Beginner levels up. Beginners can only bound to one invitee.

The Rewards that Guests will Receive Depending on the Level Reached by Beginners are as follows:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher x2 – Tier 5 Weapon Royale Voucher x2 – Tier 76 Unlimited Custom Room Card –
  • Tier 9AN94 Carrot Devil Head Skin (14 Days) – Tier 14.
  • Steps to invite newbies and claim prizes.
Here are the steps to Direct a Newbie to the Game:
  • Step 1: You need to login to your FF MAX ID and then access the events section by tapping the calendar icon in the top right menu of the lobby.
  • Step 2: Next, locate the “Invite a friend now” tab in the left menu and tap on it.
  • Step 3: Next, tap the Go To button and you will see an input box asking for the beginner’s Free Fire MAX UID. Just enter the beginner’s UID at level 5.
  • Step 4: After logging in, you will see a confirmation dialog stating that your request has been sent and you should wait for a response.
  • Step 5: The beginner must then log in to their FF MAX ID and accept the invitation.

That’s all users need to do. As the invited newbie levels up, the referrers, as well as the newbies themselves, will claim the corresponding rewards.

Note: Starting September 21, Garena Free Fire Max the Refer a Friend event.

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