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God Of War

God Of War PC Means Platform Wars Are Over – Postcard Sized Screens

I still remember the first time I saw the original God of War from 2005: not on a screen, but some postcard-sized screens in a PlayStation 2 magazine. The opening boss of the game and I just do not think this one chosen was on a PlayStation 2: it’s size! And there’s an angry little man in her mouth! I devoured the words on the page, but the screenshots had already done their job: a few months later, I broke this elector’s jaw in half with a big smile.

God of War has always been a flagship game for Sony hardware. God of War 2 is one of the most spectacular games PlayStation 2 has ever had (damn it always looks great), Chains of Olympus got the PSP blackmailed, and God of War 3 increased the games even more.

Stakes on PlayStation 3: It starts with a close-up of Kratos battling through a rugged, changing landscape before the camera zooms out and you realize you’re making your way to the back of a fucking Titan. So: I really loved killing Hermes in this game.

Landscape Of The Game Had Changed:

By the time of the third post, however, the landscape of the game had changed. The hack-and-slash genre of action games began to decline in popularity, while Naughty Dog’s Uncharted and later. The Last of Us were groundbreaking for Sony’s exclusive.

In the footsteps of these titans, it was decided to relaunch God of War as a slightly more down-to-earth, story-driven action game that received mixed reviews when the game was launched in the UK.

It turned out to be an ingenious move. Despite the best efforts of the PSP titles, in particular, Kratos was a character who never had much, yes, character. He was an angry muscular man who wanted to kill all the gods, and you did.

The change of scenery and tone went hand in hand with an equally big change in the direction of the game – it was still linear slashes with light puzzle elements.

Now God of War was an open world with corridors going in different directions, built around a whole new combat system that Resident Evil 4 owed as much to its predecessors.

Agree With The Latest Poll That Crowned:

Upon release, it blew people away. I do not know if I would completely agree with the latest poll that crowned it as the best game ever. But it’s undoubtedly the most iconic mainstream exclusive that PlayStation 4 has ever had: the kind of game so good that people would joke. About hardware is a God of War machine (even though we all know it is a blood-borne machine). God of War looked fantastic, drew a new martial arts style with aplomb (main thanks to the fantastic ax) and most amazingly managed to weave a good story around the abandoned and naked figure in the core – and his son, hunted by the Nordic gods.

Why Is This Sony Port Is Different in God of War?

There’s a PlayStation exclusive, and then there’s a PlayStation exclusive. To me, Kratos is Sony’s Mario, the most recognizable PlayStation mascot out there and symbolic of the platform’s capabilities. God of War is one of those games you want to show off to people, something that by mistake consumes entire evenings and inspires you to make countless little battle clips. The kind of game where Sony started selling PlayStation 4s with it as a pack-in game.

The PC always felt like a more natural home for the Xbox, insofar as the Xbox is part of the broader Microsoft genus (the name comes from DirectX). Thus always had the PC origins. The intention of that console was always to build a PC in a box anyway (as the creator of the original Xbox, Seamus Blackley, will tell you). For a while, the Xbox tried to keep certain exclusives for the console. Before realizing that for the most part there was not much point. No one who is going to buy an Xbox is going to change that decision because Halo’s is also on PC.

Landscape Now That It’s Easy To Forget:

PlayStation not so much. It’s such a part of the landscape now that it’s easy to forget. How completely Sony supported the gaming industry in the late ’90s. Came out of nowhere to wipe out both the then kings of the console space, Sega and Nintendo. Sega never really got over it, while Nintendo had to insanely (and successfully) reinvent itself in the coming decades. PlayStation 2 built on that success to become the best-selling console ever.

  • “Only on PlayStation” was lifted and games like Bloodborne,
  • God of War, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2 were delivered.
  • You need a PlayStation to play some of the best-made games in the world.

And it’s a business model that still makes sense. It just makes less sense than ever. One of the ways that the gaming industry and PC gaming have specifically changed is that consoles are no longer. The best bang for the buck when it comes to gaming performance: Something like the Xbox Series S sells for low. Price and high performance, and even PlayStation 5 is an animal, it has a corresponding price. The bigger problem, however, is that PC gaming is bigger than it’s ever been. And even a mid-range rig can easily run PlayStation 4 games.

Selling Great Quality Hardware At A Loss And God Of War:

The landscape has changed. Much of the old console concept was the Razor Blade model: you were selling great quality hardware at a loss and making money over the years by cutting back on every title you sold. But now there are countless millions of other machines around the world that are capable of playing these games.

Exclusivity isn’t dead: it’s just timed now. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X should always have something you can’t get anywhere else but after a while. The idea of ​​bringing something like Demon’s Souls to PC won’t matter much. Look at something like God of War from Sony’s perspective: You bet when it was first discussed whether it would tarnish the glory of the PlayStation brand was raised. But do you know why it happened anyway?

God Of War Has Sold Everything:

Of course, you do hard cash. God of War has sold everything he wants to sell on PlayStation 4 (almost 20 million, according to Sony). But a PC version will sell out again and to a much larger audience who already know that the game will sell to be good.

  • Do not take my word for it. Here is Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in February this year: A few things have changed.
  • We are now at the beginning of 2021 with our development studies and the games they make in better shape than they have ever been before.
  • In the last half of the PS4 cycle, our studios have made some really good games.
  • It is possible to expose these big games to a wider audience and recognize the economics of game development. Which is not always straightforward.
  • The cost of making games increased with each cycle as the IP caliber improved.
  • In addition, our ease of making it available to non-console owners has increased.
  • So it’s a pretty straightforward decision for us to make.
Kratos On PC Is A Watershed Moment God of War:

The direction of the trip was clear, but Kratos on PC is a watershed moment. God of War is no longer linked to PlayStation, and that means, of course. That we’ll almost as likely see God of War: Ragnarok (the sequel scheduled for 2022). Consoles are not useless and they will not go away. They offer a different gaming experience and some people (including me) will always have the couch. But these are not the walled gardens they once were, because it honestly does not make economic sense. It’s not that the PC has won the battle to eventually have all the best games. But this PC game has grown so big that it no longer makes sense to fight it. Even for a god of war.

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