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Redmi Smart TV X

Redmi Smart TV X With 120Hz Display Refresh Rate Launched – Redmi Router AX1800 Debuts as Well

Redmi Smart TV X, 120 Hz screen starts at a refresh rate. Thus, The Redmi AX 1800 router is also being launch. Thus, The Redmi Smart TVX starts at 2,999 CNY (about 35,100 rubles). The Redmi Smart TVX and Redmi Router AX 1800 were launch in China on Wednesday. The Redmi Smart TV X has two screens, a 120-inch dual screen 55 inches to 65 inches and refresh rate, MEMC (Motion Estimated Motion Compensation) 4K, and uninterrupted resolution.

Redmi Smart TV

  • Thus, The Redmi Smart TVX also has a free Dolby Vision premium sync.
  • The Redmi router has an AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 and supports an 880MHz dual-core processor with 128MB of RAM.

Redmi Smart TV X, Redmi Router X1800 Reagan

Redmi Smart TV X, Redmi Router X1800 Reagan

Thus, The 55-inch Redmi Smart TV X is priced at 2,999 CNY (approximately 35,100 rubles) and the Redmi Smart TV X65 is priced at 3,999 CNY (approximately 46,600 rubles).

  • The Redmi AX1800 router sells for up to 229 Chinese yuan (about 2,700 rubles).
  • The Redmi TV is available in one color and the router is available in white.

Redmi Smart TVX Features

Redmi Smart TVX Features

Thus, The Redmi Smart TV X One Ultra HD (3,840×2,160 pixels) 55-inch screen 6.5mg, 10-bit color depth (8-bit + FRC), and 94% color gamut coverage P3 Plus, Dolby Vision model FreeSync Premium Supports TV.

  • The Redmi Smart TVX screen has MEMC for a 120 Hz refresh rate and a better viewing experience.
    In terms of sound, the Redmi Smart TV X has four internal speakers and is a power Dolby Atmos.
  • It has two tubes, a box with a 2×0.38L wide sound cavity with a total power of 2×12.5W.
  • Under the hood, the TV has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage from the MediaTek MT9650 processor.
  • In addition, Redmi TV supports MediaTek AI-PQ and AI-AQ image enhancement.
  • Redmi Smart TVX connectivity options include HDMI 2.1 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, an AV port, two USB ports, an S / PDIF port, RJ-45 port, and ATV / DTMB microphone.

Redmi Router AX 1800 Features

The Redmi Router offers AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with Orthogonal Multiple Frequency Access Frequency Division (OFDMA).

  • Thus, The router has four high-performance 5 DBi external antennas that support the LDPC error correction algorithm to increase interface capability. Which increases signal coverage for data transmission.
    The router is a power 880MHz dual-core processor with 128MB of RAM.
  • Thus, Connectivity options include a WAN port and 3 LANs technology.
  • The Redmi Router AX 1800 offers color X-rays, BSS, WPA3, MU-MIMO, and IPv6. Gionee Easy Connect supports Android and iOS devices.
  • Redmi Smart TV X and Redmi Router AX1800 were launched in China on Wednesday.
  • The Smart TV X comes in two display sizes — 55 and 65 inches — and features a 120Hz refresh rate, MEMC, and 4K resolution.
  • Thus, The Redmi Router AX1800 has Wi-Fi 6 support and is power an unnamed dual-core 880Mhz CPU with 128MB of RAM.

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