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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High Blood Pressure Symptoms – What is Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes

High Blood Pressure Symptoms: High blood pressure is a common disease that affects the body’s blood vessels. Also known as high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, the blood exerts more force on the walls of your arteries. The heart has to pump blood. Healthy lifestyle habits such as not smoking, exercising, and eating a healthy diet can help prevent and control high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

A blood pressure of 180/120 mm-Hg or higher is considered severe or dangerous hypertension. Get this medical help for those suffering from high blood pressure. You can have high blood pressure for years without symptoms. If high blood pressure is not treated, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other health problems. You should have a blood test at least every 2 years, starting at age 18 or older. Some have to work hard. Most people with high blood pressure do not have symptoms even when their blood pressure is high. Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure at least every 2 years, starting at age 18. Your bloodstream. yearIf you have high blood pressure or other risk factors for heart disease, your doctor may recommend additional tests.

What Do Blood Numbers MeanBlood Numbers


Blood pressure is measured during age-screening tests in children 3 years of age and older. If you can’t find a regular provider, you can get free blood tests from health promotions in your community or elsewhere. Some stores and pharmacies have free blood pressure monitors.

  • Normal elevation is 130/80 mmHg.
  • Normal blood pressure is expected.)
  • Normal blood pressure. Blood pressure: 120/80 mmHg

Blood pressure is often elevated during health check-ups. This is called white-coat hypertension.  Drinking too much alcohol also causes high blood pressure, especially in men.

What Are High Blood Pressure SymptomsHigh Blood Pressure


The accuracy of these factors depends on several factors, including the level of safety and proper use of the equipment. Ask your doctor how to use community blood tests.

  • Blood pressure increases: The highest is between 120 and 129 mmHg and the lowest is 80 mmHg.
  • Grade 1 hypertension: Height ranges from 130 to 139 mm.
  • Grade 2 hypertension: upper value is more than 140 mmHg, lower value is 90 mmHg

Too much salt. An excessive amount of salt called sodium accumulates in water in the body. Increases blood circulation.Potassium deficiency. Potassium helps maintain salt balance in the body. Potassium balance is important for heart health.

What is Blood Pressure (Hypertension)


Many parents do not know what causes high blood pressure. Plaque formation can lead to atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Some people need medication to control high blood pressure. Some people with high blood pressure:

  • Headache
  • Breath
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Kidney disease
  • Breathe carefully
  • Thyroid problems

Blood tests are an important part of health care. How often you get blood tests depends on your age and health. The heart pumps blood, constricting blood vessels and raising blood pressure. It develops rapidly and causes hypertension before primary hypertension.

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