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Miss World - Karolina Bielawska on Unwanted Pressure and Expectations After Winning

Miss World – Karolina Bielawska on Unwanted Pressure and Expectations After Winning

Miss World: Who will be the most beautiful woman in the world in 2024? While the concept of pride has changed over time, so has the perception of a woman with a crown on her head and a belt around her waist. But behind the dazzling smile, elegant steps, and elaborate dresses, we are reminded that there is a dream girl and a stubborn woman who participates. Karolina Bilawska, the second Pole to win the title of “Miss World” since 1989, won the title of “Miss World” in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Miss World

On her first visit to the Emirates, Karolina talks about her experience leading to the title, the importance of the crown, the challenges she faced while preparing to compete in the uncertain world of the epidemic and seeing the man behind it. the beauty. Karolina, who is a TV presenter, model, and beauty queen, won the title after winning the Miss Poland 2019. Known for her humanitarian work in her native Poland, she took Karolina is involved in homelessness, breast cancer, and crisis. With the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, it changed my life forever. I really enjoy traveling the world, meeting great people, and doing great things. In every country we visit, it is our mission to leave it better than we found it, and I think that is the greatest joy, so I look for a purpose in everything I do. We serve people in need, but we also have a lot of fun.

How Has Your Experience Been in the UAE

How Has Your Experience Been in the UAE

It was a wonderful trip. This is the truth; It was at that time in the middle of a plague, so everyone kept their houses. However, it did not stop me completely from my goals and my path. It’s a bit more complicated, but in my main practice, I’ve focused on a plan to support and advocate for people in my city who are struggling with homelessness.

Our main focus then was to vaccinate them because they don’t have an ID and can’t go to the hospital, so that was one of the fun things. Inspiring. You know that when we face challenges in life, we become stronger and despite the tough times, I think I made a lot of great memories with the whole team, with all the volunteers.

The Life of Miss World

The Life of Miss World

For sure. When they see the most beautiful woman in the world come into the room, they expect an angel or something, but it’s not. I will never say that I am more beautiful than all the contestants I was with during the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant, but giving people a chance to appreciate you and then fall for me is something special.

Love you, you know about them, and then the expectations are gone, because they are only human. I am normal. I’m having a bad day; I have a good day. I’m Miss Universe, but I’m also a sister, a daughter, and a friend, and that’s the most important thing people look up to.

How Did Winning the Crown Change Your Life

Winning the Crown Change Your Life

Actually, there are many opportunities, but I always want to meet a special girl in Singapore. I can’t stop thinking about him. He battled brain cancer at a young age. When we do beauty with a purpose, we spend a lot of money together. We support hospitals, we support children, but sometimes it takes time, and for a girl, it was special that we were there, we ate together, we played together.

People relate to you more because we all make mistakes. It’s great, I love what I do, I love being on stage and in front of the camera and talking to people. I’m an extrovert, so I feel happy and alive when I’m there. Of course, sometimes you get bored from one story to another. You always change the time zone when you travel. However, like I said, I can’t complain because I’m really happy to do it.

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