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Indian Bridal Makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup – Step by Step Tips and Tricks

Indian Bridal Makeup: A bride’s wedding ceremony is one of the most important days of her life and she has to assume the role of a charming and gorgeous woman on her very special day. You’ve decided on the costume, the decor, the food, and the venue, but what about the make-up?

If you are getting married soon or are someone who has been entrusted with the special makeup of the woman for the day, it can be very confusing because it is a very stressful job to nail the perfect makeup with your nerves getting in the way.

How do Indian wedding makeup at home? Did it get you in trouble? Never fear! Gather your confidence and read this step-by-step guide, which will be your one-stop solution for a complete bridal makeup look. The end result of this makeup tutorial will make you look like a million bucks when you walk in and all eyes will be on you.

Indian Bridal Makeup Step-by-Step Tips and Tricks

Bridal Makeup

Indian bridal makeup usually starts with cleansing, followed by base makeup and other products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, contouring, and finishing touches like blush and highlighter.

  • Essential beauty products
  • Primer
  • Color corrector (optional)
  • Foundation
  • Corrector
  • Bronzer or contour powder
  • To blush
  • Make it obvious
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • False eyelashes (optional)
  • Lipstick

Cleansing and Moisturizing

Cleansing and Moisturizing

The first step to a good foundation is cleaning. While you will be doing your wedding facials a few days before, make sure you wash your face with a good facial cleanser (the one you used to use) and then moisturize your skin with a moisturizer. When your skin is hydrated, it makes your skin a better canvas to lay your makeup on.



The job of a primer is to prepare the skin for makeup and keep it on for a long time and make the skin less oily so that the makeup doesn’t slip off. Some primers can fill the pores in the skin to make it smoother. You have to spread the primer all over your face and use your fingers or a wet beauty blender to blend it into your skin. Make sure you stroke it so it stays on your skin longer.

Color Correcting (Optional)

Color Correcting

Color correction is an optional step in this bridal makeup look. Color correctors are cream-based correctors that come in different colors like red, green, yellow, and peach. If you have hyperpigmentation, you need to tap a red concealer and then blend it seamlessly into your skin using a patting motion. You can only use your fingers for this. If you have red spots or pimples on your face, choose the green concealer. The color corrector basically balances out any other pigmentation on your skin.

Indian Bridal Makeup And Foundation


Then comes the most important step in your makeup, which is your foundation. You should always try the perfect shade for yourself, don’t go lighter or darker because foundations usually tarnish your skin and won’t look good unless you choose the perfect shade. For that, you need to see if the shade blends seamlessly with your skin and looks like a second skin. Put the foundation on a brush or sponge, then spread it all over the face and use patting motions to press the foundation. Once it’s pretty much incorporated, use your sponge to mix it all up. You will be left with a smooth base.


Indian Bridal Makeup And Concealer

If you still feel that you have other aspects of your face that you need to highlight and hide, you can use a concealer. The trick is to use a shade of concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Use it under the eyes, on the forehead between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, and also on any other imperfections that you would like to hide. Let the concealer sit for a minute or two until it becomes creamy, then blend it into your skin. Make sure you touch them or the concealer will slip if you try to blend it.

Contouring and Tanning

Contouring and Tanning

In the hollow of your cheeks and on your forehead near your hairline, you can use a bronzer or powder to warm up your skin. Just run the brush through those product spots and blend it out so there are no sharp edges. This will give you a beautiful chiseled and sun-kissed look to your face.

Indian Bridal Makeup And Blush


On the apples of your cheeks, apply a peach or wine blush because these colors look much more natural than pink. Smile and find the apples of your cheeks and apply some blush. Be careful, because blush goes from 0 to 100 very quickly, we wouldn’t want you to end up a clown. It starts light and then if you feel you need more, you can easily build it up.

High Lighter

High Lighter

Using a fan brush, apply a highlighter to the high points of your face. Usually, these are the places where the light hits your face the most. Apply a little on the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. Make sure to mix it properly.

Eye Makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup

I come to one of the most important aspects of your makeup. No step-by-step Indian bridal makeup guide is complete without eye makeup. Fill in your brows using pomade.

Take the brown eye shadow and use it to define your crease with a wiper motion. Mix it completely. Depending on the color of your dress, choose the rarest color in it and use a similar eyeshadow on your lid.

Take an eyeshadow in the dominant color of your dress and use it from the center crease to the outer crease in a triangular motion so it looks like a feather. Make sure the eyeshadow on your lids goes from light to dark colors and then make sure you blend it all right.

Put some white shadow under the browbone and the inner corners of the eyes. Pair it with black eyeliner and false eyelashes or just mascara. Using a white or nude kohl pencil on the lower waterline makes the eyes pop.

Indian Bridal Makeup And Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup

Brides usually choose bright red or marsala or wine-colored lipstick. You can choose the color that you think will match your dress. However, it is better to choose red, because with such a color you can never go wrong. After applying the lipstick, outline the lips with a lip liner, so the lipstick will never bleed.


With this good wedding makeup step-by-step, you should be able to look very beautiful in just one hour. This tutorial is easy, and hassle-free, and can ensure you look super cute on your most special day.

After all, your wedding day is the day you will always remember and cherish. This trick is easy to recreate and very eye-catching and will make you look like a dream on your very special day.

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