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Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Collection for Bride and Groom

Pakistani wedding dresses: In Asian countries like Pakistan and Indian wedding trends are always hot and trendy topics in fashion magazines. When you’re looking for the latest wedding fashion, this item should be at the top of your list. Special event dresses are created by the most famous fashion designers in the industry.

Kundan, stone crystals, pearls, mirrors, patches, art, embroidery thread, zari, organza, sequins, kora, Dhabka, and zardozi, etc. All this jewelry creates a beautiful and elegant outfit, be it a wedding dress or a groom’s suit.

For Asian weddings like India and Pakistan, there are package days that include event packages. The day of the celebration begins with mayo rasa when the bride must stay at home until the wedding. Yellow and orange dresses are chosen for the bride and groom.

The house was lit up with flowers, lamps, and mini lights. Mehndi rasam is done on the next day which is the best event of Pakistani weddings. Girls and boys dance and entertain themselves with various funny skills. Bharata day is the day when a girl leaves her home and starts a new beginning for herself.

On that day, girls usually wear red, red, pink, etc. It has pastel shades and a walima dress. As our country is full of fashion designers and fashion senses, couples have many options to choose the perfect experience for their special day.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Collection for Bride and Groom

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Collection

Today I am sharing this article with lots of ideas and options which will really help you guys with what clothes and colors suit you. As Dulha and Dulhan are basically celebrities and Pakistani wedding dresses should be beautiful and elegant dresses.

Beautiful Pakistani Dresses for Bride and Groom

Wedding Dresses for Bride and Groom

New cuts and details make every dress a masterpiece and every year designers introduce new styles, be it a bridal lehenga or a bridal sherwani. The Pakistani fashion industry is famous for its traditional pieces and styles.

There are many fashion weeks and style shows throughout the year that is televised to showcase their latest collections and promote awareness among their customers that they have something different and unique. The wedding dress is undoubtedly the most expensive and beautiful, no matter how it is decorated.

Wedding Clothes

Sometimes we wonder why these dresses are so expensive and the reason is that cost is the key to beautiful brides. The wedding event includes many days of joy and happiness. The events start with the mehndi / Mayon function and then comes the Barat day and the valima. Then we will show the wedding clothes with each according to the results.

Most Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Dresses

Most Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Dresses 

As the name suggests, the mehndi ceremony is the start of the functions, and bright and green floral decorations are seen everywhere. Dholki and Ubtan rasam are also a part of this day or you can celebrate it on a separate day.

Usually, the bride today wears a yellow or green dress and has beautiful mehndi designs on her hands and feet. It is traditional to wear a Patiala shalwar with a short shirt with beautiful embellishments like red, Kiran lace, or Dhabki work.

Mehndi Dress

And Dulhan wears a simple white shalwar kameez to give it a soft feel, with a yellow or green ina patka. But now, on the road to progress, everything is changing. A brilliant mehndi dress is exquisitely embellished with lace, gout, zari, zardozi, or threads.

For more attractiveness, a combination of colors like orange with green, and pink with yellow makes the outfit more attractive. Although now the groom usually wears a salwar with a waistcoat.

Stylish Dresses for Bride and Grooms

Barat Dress

Barat day is the big day for both the bride and groom when they have to leave their parents at home and make a fresh start. For that day, a girl dreams of many things. In Asian weddings, the color of the Barat dress is usually deep red or crimson, now with the change in fashion sense, pastel shades like gold are also chosen with red, purple, hot pink, etc.

A beautiful wedding dress can be a lehenga, open-front dress, floor-length maxi with Gharara pajamas, or churidar. Every girl wants to look like the most beautiful bride on the planet, so she adorns her dress in an exciting way.

The Barat dress contains heavy detailing all over as we compare it to the mehndi dress. And the groom wears a simple pajama shalwar kameez or kurta with a lightly embellished sherwani. If the couple wants to make it more memorable, then the sherwani and lehenga colors can be the same.

Pakistani Walima Dress for Bride and Groom

Walima Dress

The wedding day concludes with the Walima service as it is our prophet’s sunnah to gather relatives after the wedding and arrange a meal to raise the younger couple. Walima dress should be in pastel shades like silver, gold, peach, ice blue, etc.

Choose a long-tailed or Angrakha-style maxi dress or a maxi dress with bold embroidery on the floor. The choice is yours. While in Asian weddings the groom usually wears trousers and the color of the tie could match the bride’s dress.

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