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Just A Guy With a Lightsaber

Just A Guy With a Lightsaber – Reasons Kyle Katarn Should Be Re Canonized in Star Wars

Just A Guy With a Lightsaber: Starring Diego Luna as the troubled rebel who first appeared in Rogue One, Andor is now streaming the full first season on Disney+, with a follow-up season in the works. The Star Wars Spy limited series has received positive reviews from fans and critics. Luna’s dark culture mercenary bears undeniable similarities (and comparable notable traits) to a character still revered by many sections of the fandom shooter turned Jedi Master Kyle Katarn.

Kyle Katarn is the Chuck Norris of the Galaxy far

Although some changes have been made to accommodate the other new additions to the lore, Katarn is so popular, and for good reason, that many fans eagerly embrace him. Kyle Katarn is a Rogue Badass Worthy of Han Solo, It’s Sort of like if Han were a Jedi.

The lovable villain Katarn (and his often comparable partner Jan Ors) was popularized by fans of 1995’s FPS Dark Forces and other media (his later appearance is based on the character Jason Court from the sequel Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II) and that of Felicity Jones. Jyn Erso due to obvious similarities) is the real thief of the Death Star blueprints until the new era of Lucasfilm mostly brings together or destroys the expanded universe, now Legends.

Kyle’s character, an Imperial Academy graduate crippled by family tragedy and a crisis of conscience, resembles Harrison Ford’s immortal pop culture classic Han Solo. Both are critical, resourceful, strong, and ready to do the right thing, with more or less reluctance. While Han occasionally angers people or gets distracted by selfishness or arrogance, Katarn struggles with the dark side of the Force.

Kyle’s Story Deals with Mature themes like Grief

Set before Dark Forces and told in the series of novels by William C. Deitz and Dean Williams, Kyle’s story begins at the Imperial Academy. His father, Morgan, is an opponent of the Empire but a farmer of limited means and sends his son to study at the academy.

For secretly plotting against the Empire at the start of the Rebel Alliance, Morgan is brutally murdered and effectively beheaded. When Kyle learns the truth about his father and the Empire from Jan Ors, he changes course. Along the way, Katarn faces grief and anger and finds his path to enlightenment, though he is tempted to choose the “easier and more seductive” path, as Yoda put it. A day. Kyle’s Incredible Force Powers would Guarantee killer Action Scenes.

Kyle’s walk on the wild side er, the dark side gave him an unusual ability to wield dark powers like the grab and, more importantly, lightning. Developed during his journey into the light, Kyle’s unique belief system is less about abilities and more about how to use them. And he’s never completely without guns, especially with his trusty Bryar pistol and sword. Imagine the sight of Katarn unleashed in a live game. It wouldn’t be like anything else.

Kyle’s Friendship Turned Romance with Jan Ors is the Best ‘Star Wars

Something sorely lacking in Star Wars history is romance or any kind of warmth. Railo was interesting for a while before being destroyed in Rise of Skywalker. Pilot Jan begs Kyle to take off when he’s on the ground, and the two continue to walk away from the evil. Their professional relationship, full of jokes and close ties, gradually turns into a romantic relationship. Jan is an impressive character in his own right: imperfect but sympathetic, and funny. She’s highly qualified, but she’s not Mary Sue. Star Wars fans love watching Cal Kesti and Merrin’s romantic comedy in recent games. Kyle and Jan are equally adorable.

Katarn has a Touching Bromance with none other than Just A Guy With a Lightsaber

Aside from his relationship with Jean and his inability to live without a strong bond with Mon Mothma, Kyle’s most trusted ally is none other than a Tatooine farm boy. They even became partners at the Jedi Academy. Jedi Outcast is one of the best Star Wars games, especially in terms of story. The worst moment is when the player starts moving a monstrous collection of Reborn characters behind Skywalker. Meet Kyle will be a Great Opportunity to see the Jedi Academy in Action. Kyle befriends Skywalker and mentors the students and descendants of former Stormtrooper Anakin. The Jedi Academy game is a taste of the potential drama between students and teachers facing external threats.

Katarn Confronts some Truly Memorable Villains Just A Guy With a Lightsaber

Kyle’s first and most obvious enemy is the blind, powerful, and calculating Dark Lord Jerek, who is responsible for the death of Kyle’s father. In Jedi Knight, Kyle kills half a dozen Dark Jedi, including Jerek, the wise Twi’Lek Bok, and the evil Sariss. Kyle takes pity on troubled young Yun, who eventually turns to the Dark Jedi to save Kyle.

The Valley of the Jedi would also be a Sight to Behold in Live Action

In Jedi Outcast, Kyle Desann meets a force-sensitive human lizard and his protector, Tavion. After winning a duel, Kyle granted Tavion a favor, which was later corrupted by Jaden’s apprentice at the Jedi Academy.

The more Sympathetic Just A Guy With a Lightsaber Becomes

Recurring in Dark Forces and Jedi Knight media, the Valley of the Jedi is an ancient battlefield, home to the souls of dead Jedi and Sith, a fusion of Force energies. In the games, Kyle frees the Jedi and foils Jerek’s plan to control the powers of the Valley. The Valley is a serious threat, a new change of pace from the doomed space station. Not only does the large village make for a killer set, but the misuse of the Force is a major plot device

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