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Long Frock Design for Eid

Long Frock Design for Eid – Pakistani Designer Dresses in 2023

Long Frock Design for Eid: In today’s western culture, long dresses have become an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. Now all the work is done. Girls like dresses and now big girls like long dresses. Brides start their wedding day wearing heavy and long dresses. Long cooking time for kurta and salwar suits. It has become easy to buy long cakes from the market or online sellers.

It can be simple or complex. You will find different types of dresses. It suits the needs of modern women. Long dresses can be worn at any time of the year. But kitchen clothes are very popular even in summer. Women may also wear different hairstyles and long dresses.

20 Long Frock Design for Eid

20 Long Frock Design for Eid

You will shine at the table in this dress. Some cotton cooks are so simple that housewives can wear them at home. By buying just the fabric, you can make it into a shirt for women with your own design. It’s like sewing your long shirt.

Long outerwear. Foreign queens wear beautiful long dresses. And now, it is common for all women. Women also wear long designer dresses instead of Kundi during the wedding season. Girls will find their taste in beautiful long dresses. But long dresses should be comfortable for women and meet their needs to wear with adults.

1. Intimate Maxi Dress

Intimate Maxi Dress

This long dress is new. It has mesh sleeves with a nice collar. The collar has a tricolor floral design. The dress comes from the waist and has a floral print. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that you will want to wear it again and again.

2. Long Anarkali Dress

Long Anarkali Dress

This dress shines like an Anarkali dress. Gold sleeveless shirt with blue collar and side buttons. The clothes are attached to the clothes in the box. The floor is like a blue gown with floral pieces and a wide gold border. You can choose this as a party dress for your girls.

3. Long Frock Design with Jacket

Long Frock Design with Jacket

This women’s dress is red, with a white bottom, with a small gold print on the bottom. Wear a button-down and an open shirt. There is a floor on one side, and a carpet on the other.

4. Puffy Maxi Dress

Puffy Maxi Dress

The girl looks good in this popular dress. The dress is light blue and light blue with a gold print. There is a large blue design in the center with gold ribbons on each side. A large cloth came down from the waist.

5. Long Frock with Checks

Long Frock with Checks

He wore a studded skirt. Four different colored shirts with buttons and sleeves. Some straight, some rap. All clothes are made of pure cotton, which gives every woman a comfortable space.

6. Knitted Maxi Long Dress

Knitted Maxi Long Dress

It is a long frock design for eid with wings. The dress has a white gold fabric with a red band on the outside from the neck to the navel. Then there is the purple chiffon with some interior. It is floor length and the whole dress is made very well.

7. Ball Frock Design for Eid

Ball Frock Design for Eid

This long umbrella has a wide circular shape. The peach dress features a plunging neckline and a large flower on the front. Under Lihar. The hair is emphasized and the flowers are combined with the top design.

8. Beautiful Maxi Dress

Beautiful Maxi Dress

This type of fabric is very comfortable and available in many colors. No hand on a shoulder. The sleeves have a slightly open cut on the shoulder, a belt hangs on the sides. The top part of the dress has a silver belt around the waist.

9. Long Frock with Hat

Long Frock with Hat

The wearer of this outfit has a beautiful hat decorated with hair ribbons. The bottom part of the dress is green and the top part is a beautiful blue. The case is white and blue with text on the shoulders and neck. The clothes are bright.

10. Cut Shoulder Long Frock Design

Cut Shoulder Long Frock Design

The length of this dress for men is shoulder to shoulder. Round collars are coveted weapons. Models that do not have shoulders are also used in the fabric. It has 3/4 sleeves and center buttons. Who is Ultridium for?

11. Long Lace Dress

Long Lace Dress

For adults, pink baby clothes are very attractive. Inside it has a pink tube and outside a pink ribbon tied between the sleeves. The waistband is smooth red silk and the fabric flows smoothly below the waistband.

12. Long Frock Suit

Long Frock Suit

This dress is a new kind of prayer dress. Dupatta with stole. The sleeves and collar are beautifully crafted and have three gold frames along the bottom edge. Jackets and shirts are suitable for parties and family gatherings.

13. Casual Long Dress

Casual Long Dress

The purpose of this dress is western style. Sleeveless dress with round neckline. The underwear reached to the knees and another net was sown around them. The broken end of the fabric. He had a knee-length black belt around his waist.

14. Pakistani Frock Design for Eid

Pakistani Frock Design for Eid

A new type of sleeveless shirt is the Pakistani one, where a woman always covers her head with a dupatta. It has yellow leaves and white flowers with green petals. Long arms, soft, curved fingers.

15. Dress With Long Sleeves

Dress With Long Sleeves

This women’s dress is elegant and sophisticated. The shirt is sleeveless and strapless. This beautiful dress has a white trim at the top. The lace skirt is tied below the waist. Your ruby is carried in your hand like an angel’s wings.

16. Beautiful Long Dress

Beautiful Long Dress

This long Indian dress exudes elegance and simplicity. Short-sleeved dress with print on the back and neckline. There are rays on both sides of the heart. Long shirt with two pink panels at the bottom. This dress has a simple opening.

17. Maxi Frock Design for Eid

Maxi Frock Design for Eid

Seasonal garden decor is important. Crochet fabric opens neatly at the waist. This black dress has a solid lace bodice. All bags are full of photos. The clothes are cool.

18. Long Wedding Dress

Long Wedding Dress

Many brides wear a new dress on their wedding day. White work is used to decorate the pipe and all clothing. The woman also wears a dress that protects her head from the ground with a long frock design for eid, and the flowers do not fall.

19. Maxi dress with Stars

Maxi dress with Stars

This simple dress has a white star print. This light blue shirt has a pencil collar on the neck and sleeves. The blue thread connects to the belt to seal the deal. A little girl will look beautiful in this beautiful dress.

20. Bell Long Frock Design for Eid

Bell Long Frock Design for Eid

This is a beautiful long dress. This peach dress is cute with buttons and a flattering waist. The tissue insert is cylindrical. The dresses and clothes are beautiful.

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