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Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles – Best Cool Hairstyles For Men 2022

If you are growing your medium length hairstyles, we have some inspiration for you. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles that any man can rock with confidence. For a long time, medium-length haircuts have been the stalemate of the hair world, rarely seen except for guys trying to turn a bold buzz into a seventies shag (think mullet haircut).

But the advent of hairstyles like the pompadour has seen them go from being an awkward mid-stage to a real style that is straight out of the grooming book.

First Of All, What Counts As A Medium At All?

  • When it comes to hair lengths, things can easily get messy, especially since different people have different lengths of what they consider short vs medium and medium vs medium long.
  • For the purposes of this article, let’s say “medium” ranges from about 3 to 6 inches.
  • There is some meandering space here, but most medium-length hairstyles fall somewhere on that spectrum.

Second, Who Are Medium Length Hairstyles Good For?

  • Medium hairstyles are great for men who like the flowing look of longer hair but do not want hair that is too long.
  • Medium length hairstyles allow you to play more with style without having to maintain tons of hair.
  • If you are tired of short hair or just do not like what it looks like, then a medium haircut is probably for you.
  • With all that said, let’s dive into 9 amazing medium length hairstyles for men (in any particular order, of course).

9 Best Between Cool Medium Length Hairstyles For Men In 2022:

1. Flowing Side Part Medium Length Hairstyles:

Flowing Side Part Medium Length Hairstyles

The page section is a classic men’s haircut – we even have a whole article about it! It’s classic for a reason, and although it is usually associated with short hair, there is absolutely no reason why you can not have a side part on medium length hair.
Side sections fit well with medium-length cuts because they add definition. A textured side parting can take your hairstyle from messy to neat, especially if your hair is medium at the longer end. Some also control the hair flow, which ensures that your hairstyle looks desired.

If your hair is wavy, curly or frizzy, you can make the most of a longer side part hairstyle. If you have straight hair, you can still achieve a similar style by letting your hair fall naturally to maximize volume and flow.

2. Page Suspension Medium Length Hairstyles:

Page Suspension Medium Length Hairstyles

The side-up hairstyle is similar to the side part, as both hairstyles are based on split hair. But with a side parting style, the hair on top of the head can be styled in many ways; In a side-swept look, the hair at the top always goes out to the side opposite the parting and is usually quite tousled.

The side-wrapped hairstyle is preferable if you do not like fringes, but it is also a good choice if you like the side parting but would like something more casual.

It is one of the best medium length hairstyles for Asian men as it works well with thick, coarse hair. It tames the hair without suppressing its natural properties.

3. Brush Up Medium Length Hairstyles:

Brush Up Medium Length Hairstyles

If you like the side parting but want a haircut with a little more attitude, the refreshment is worth a look. The refreshment is a playful but elegant cut that combines a medium quiff with a farewell.
Since a refreshment is defined as brushing the hair up, this is a good choice for men who like to keep the hair at the longer end of medium.

It is one of our favorite medium length hairstyles for men with straight hair because you only need to brush your hair in a certain way. You do not need waves or curls to get this look.

4. Waving Part Medium Length Hairstyles:

Waving Part Medium Length Hairstyles

Another version of the side part, this hairstyle is ideal for men with heavily wavy hair. This style mostly lets the hair do its own thing, but gives it a bit of direction so it doesn’t get too wild.
Although the top and sides are quite long, the pronounced part adds definition. Leaving some hair on the go and the frizz contributes to the relaxed, natural look, though of course you can brush your hair in place if you wish. This style is also good for men with coarse hair as the coarseness adds even more texture.

5. Kinky Spikes Medium Length Hairstyles:

Kinky Spikes Medium Length Hairstyles

If you have frizzy hair (type 4a / 4b / 4c) and prefer to let your hair grow, check this hairstyle out. It is a beautiful look that shows the natural texture of the hair. Like the wavy part, this hairstyle is achieved mainly through the texture of the hair. Kinky hair keeps its shape well, so you can be creative with the size and shape of the spikes. For more definition, choose nicer, more textured spikes. For a more casual look, style the hair in loose ends.

6. Frange Of The 90s Medium Length Hairstyles:

Frange Of The 90s Medium Length Hairstyles

It’s official – the ’90s style is back. And that means showing off your light jeans and your inner Jonathan Taylor Thomas by sporting this fringe-heavy haircut.

While most of the personality comes from the long bangs, this haircut packs a lot of punch. The center part, structured sides, and a slightly messy look all add to the ’90s feel of the style.

You can go for shorter bangs if you don’t want as much length as shown here, but don’t want to go too short in the front.

7. Loose & Natural Medium Length Hairstyles:

Loose & Natural Hairstyles

Many of the best medium length hairstyles for men look casual and natural and that is why we have included this tousled style.

This style has a loose, windy look but is still structured in a way that people don’t think your hair is just messy. It’s another great option for men with straight or fine hair, as this style relies more on length and layer than texture.

You can also experiment with how and where you color your hair. You might find that it looks best when worn a certain way, so play with it and see what works.

8. Casual Coils:

Casual Coils

This rolled up look is packed with texture yet surprisingly neat. It’s a good choice for men with heavily curly hair (think type 4a/4b).
Curly hair can be difficult to manage, especially when it comes to medium length hairstyles for men. This hairstyle offers not only a solution but also flair.

The faded sides contrast with the coils on top and add a lot of definition. An intermediate dish is displayed here, but you can also choose another dish.

9. Heavy Text Medium Length Hairstyles:

Heavy Text Medium

If you like texture, this hairstyle is for you. This takes the side-swept hairstyle and maximizes texture for a more striking look.
This is one of the best medium length hairstyles for men with wavy hair, but you can also pull this one out if you have straight or curly hair.

Because this style relies on texture and not a specific hair type. You can use hair products as needed to provide as much texture as needed. A sea salt spray works well for this.


This applies to our list of the 9 best medium length hairstyles for men. You can’t go wrong with any of these. So if you’re changing your style in 2022, hopefully you can take some inspiration from this list.

While these are our favorites, this is obviously not a definitive list, so shout out your favorite styles in the comments!

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