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Nigerian Romance

Nigerian Romance – Scam Suspects Targeted 100 Women – FBI

Nigerian Romance scandal targets 100 women FBI. Eight Nigerians arrest online following intense international activity by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Interpol).

U.S officials, who say most of the victims are still alive, are urging them to move on during the investigation.

  • Thus, in the past decade, approximately 77.77 million victims charged with fraud.
  • He did not comment on the complaint. According to police spokesman Colonel Catalog Mogel.
  • This is the biggest crime in South Africa.
  • Thus, The 33- and 52-year-old men in Cape Town on Tuesday arrested, seeking legal help from the United States.

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Thus, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, is believed to be in charge of the investigation. Cooperating with South African authorities, including Hawks’ top police force.

  • In Texas and New Jersey, men are wanted for a number of crimes, including telegraph robbery, postal fraud, money laundering, and an increasing number of personal information thefts.
  • Opposing Thus, the denial of bail, lawyer Robin Lewis said he was a member of the Nigeria Black X Organized Crime Association and stolen money from various accounts.
  • Thus, The United States says men are at risk of running away because they still have access to the accounts they use.

Nigerian Romance Criminal Organization:

If convicted, the convicted man faces up to 20 years in prison. Thus, The cry of a suspicious man. I learn that the ambassador has provided this information to the victims.

Affected, usually very widowed or divorced around the world, if they have a true romantic relationship.

  • “Thus, The suspect, wearing a mask, is clearly crying because he needs money and taxes so that he can give the necessary inheritance from outside,” said Col. Mowgli. From the victim.”
  • “Thieves threatened, frightened, ruined their lives and disappeared,” he said.
  • Neighbors of the two suspects, who wanted to remain anonymous tell that shocked to hear that the two brothers were members of a Nigerian criminal organization.
  • “He was friendly and did not commit any crimes in the area. The brothers married to people from South Africa,” he said.

Suspects ‘Concocted Sob-Stories’:

“Once a week, some luxury car arrives in just a few hours. These are the latest cars of 2021, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Ferrari, technology, etc. Try to make sure they are equipping.

  • On Tuesday, during a search of his sister’s house, the bride woke up to a dog fight.
  • About 60 people from different police stations waited for about 6 hours to gather information about the property.
  • Seven other private homes in the same area have been Identifier.
  • According to Lewis, some people do not live legally in South Africa because their passports have expired.
  • He claims that his confession obtains through violence and that his confession was torture.
  • At the next meeting. Tuesday through Thursday, an application for a full warranty expect.
  • According to Time Live South Africa. The “hawks” are searching for the ninth person due to an accident.

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