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Pubg Mobile Battle Royales

PUBG Mobile Battle Royales – Makes the Leap to the New Generation

PUBG New State is the sequel to PUBG Mobile, one of the gaming industry’s most iconic battle royales and a true benchmark for Android gaming.

The game promises true to the spirit of the original while offering a new setting, more game modes, more interactive settings, and better graphics. In short, it will be a sequel in its own right.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royales Game Takes You To The Near Future:

PUBG Mobile Battle Royales Game Takes You To The Near Future

The first change you will notice in PUBG New State is the setting. The game takes you to the near future, specifically the year 2051, with a world on the brink of collapse where different factions must fight for resources. Not only is this new setting important for storytelling, but it also has a direct impact on the battlefield. This means that you can use all sorts of futuristic technologies. Such as direct attack B drones, new vehicles and portable barricades.

Aside from these changes to the gameplay environment, PUBG New State still offers an experience that will be very familiar to any Battle Royale fan. 100 players compete on an island and only one player (or team) can win. As usual, the Blue Zone will gradually reduce the playing space, on the one hand to ensure confrontation and on the other hand so that the matches do not last more than half an hour.

As with other titles in the series,

  • PUBG New State will add new game modes as new updates are released.
  • However, you still have the classic Battle Royale mode, either alone or in teams of four.
  • It’s the main game mode of the franchise and you can always enjoy it. Especially when you have three friends fighting with you.

PUBG New State promises to raise the bar for the genre on mobile devices. Delivering a gaming experience that few can enjoy on Android, carefully crafted graphics, multiple configuration options, fully customizable controls, a variety of game modes game… Welcome to the new state.

Frequently asked Questions:

How to get coins in PUBG: New State?
Getting coins in PUBG: New State is possible by completing the challenges that you will immerse yourself in during the games. To do this, you must make the most of the arsenal of weapons that you build up as you progress through the levels.

How to download PUBG: New State for Android?
On Uptodown you can download PUBG: New State for Android. Here you will find both the latest game update and previous versions. So you can download the APK that interests you the most.

How to activate Lean in PUBG: New State?
Enabling Lean in PUBG: New State is easy. If you want to have the study area in the game. You just need to enable the touch button in the action button setting.

How to remove the shoulder in PUBG: New State?
To remove the shoulder in PUBG: New State, simply disable the Shoulder Auto Weapon tab in the Battle Buttons section. This way, you can adapt the character’s movements to your needs to shoot more efficiently.

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