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Realme Buds Q2

Realme Buds Q2 – Up and in the 20 Hours Playback Noise Cancellation World Has Been Launched

Realme Up and Q2 in the world of Buds 20 hours of reproduction, the beginning of the world of noise suppression Buds Q2 88ms game mode reduced the Latent Sacred Voice of the Throne. Buds Q2 in Wireless Stereo Headphones (TWS) field is available in Pakistan. Thus, it was a success in things of the year and the Q Buds started at the end of the kaleidoscope. Thus, And then the headphones a total of 20 hours of didactic reproduction cause an explosion and ambient environments. Cancellation (letter) for appeals. A game mode dedicated to the Relame Buds Q2 Kingdom that offers functionality a low delay of 88ms, giving the Conectividad a transparent sound.

Realme Buds Q2

Q2 owes the kingdom to adjust the price by PKR 3,999 (around Rs 1,900). After the Discount 5,999 PKR earphones are available on time (around Rs 2,900). Thus, it is not known exactly where the introductory period will end. Thus, it was helmet black and black options are available. Because he was not Pakistani. By the way, headphones retail site.

Includes Kingdom Buds

Cubits: And he went so far as to deliver up to 20 hours of Relame Q reading to the world of Bud’s when a fool. Every 5 hours, the Earbud offer requires a read. Thus, the crowds at 10 minutes, the case offers 120 minutes of reading. E2 in the kingdom of buds listening design is complete. And guides are 10mm base diaphragm or polymer compound + Bass boost for the improvement of new technology. Game delay mode offers Kingdom Relame Buds Q2 at 88ms, allowing seamless sync of audio and video. Support touchscreen headset for music playback or Silence unresponsive border calls and game entry or exit. As stated, it supports environmental headphones noise cancellation (Letter) for calls. Q2, which has a surface finish like gemstone kaleidoscope headphones to give a unique look.

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