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Punjab Will Begin Door-to-door Vaccination

Punjab Will Begin Door-to-door Vaccination on 25 October

Punjab will begin door-to-door vaccination the campaign will run until November 12. The government vaccinates all those who have not yet received the vaccine. Legal action will be taken against those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Punjab Will Begin Door-to-door Vaccination on 25 October

Lahore: in an effort to achieve vaccination targets, the Punjab government has announced that it will launch a door-to-door vaccination campaign on October 25. The campaign launched by the Punjab government will last until November 12. According to a statement issued by the provincial government. Adding that it will vaccinate people in their homes in its nine divisions and then the 36 districts. The goal of the department is to ensure that 100 percent of those targeted are immunized, according to the government.

The Punjab government has decided to vaccinate those who have not yet received the vaccine in their homes. As reports indicate that many people have not received the vaccine. Lahore-based dr Faisal Malik told that he has undertaken to ensure. That people who have not yet received the vaccine will be vaccinated. He said he would take legal action against those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Asad Umar Calls

The Federal Minister Said

Asad Umar calls for the improved covid-19 vaccine in some cities. The previous day, Asad Umar, head of the national center for administration and business (NCOC), had urged the authorities in some cities to improve their vaccination efforts.

On Twitter, Omar praised vaccination developments in Islamabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Sargonda, and other cities. The federal minister, however, stressed the need to improve the vaccination process in Karachi. Hyderabad, Noussera, Faisalabad, Quetta, Mardan, and other cities. To ensure that there is no fifth wave of COVID-19. The federal planning minister had said that despite the sharp drop in new covid-19 cases. He said the vaccination process at vaccination centers would continue as usual. Then the health department, he said, had focused on the large and high-risk cities of Punjab.

He also said delta virus cases were on the rise in Punjab. Of the new cases, Lahore tested positive for 291 people. Then the total number of positive infections in Punjab reached 352,153, he said. The health minister added that the infection had killed another 15 patients in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 10,924.

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