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Researchers Who Have Developed

Researchers Who Have Developed ‘NanoporeTERs’ Allow Computers to Read The Sales Directly

NanaporwTERs, The researchers developed new proteins to detect specific proteins and genetic factors in cells. And to the extent that they believed that genetic material could help study intracellular processes, modified or not.

Researchers Who Have Developed NanoporeTERs

Researchers who collect and process information in a cell can help reporters with protein abnormalities. Traditionally, this only shows that the visual effect of fluorescent proteins can be found by trial and error. With a maximum number of proteins, there is no one like you, which at the same time allows you to learn something.

  • These proteins help in the detection and expression of certain modified genetic circuits.
  • However, journalists rely on conventional fluorescent molecules in proteins, it is difficult to produce data.
  • However, researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft proteins can be developed using a nanoparticle detection device.
  • The protein researchers called the label made up of nanoparticles, the same directional protein (Nanoparticles, Nor Inter).
  • Out of 20 groups, he developed the two labels and put them in the library.

Oxford Minion device’s Nanotechnology

They have an acidic bar code that responds to this nanoparticle detector. For the study, the researchers used an Oxford Minion device’s nanotechnology technology.

  • With these messenger proteins, it can even be a small protein at a time, the law no longer exists, at least 10 times more possibilities for multiplexing.
  • He said Inter proteins are tails because they attract nanoparticle sensors and the electric field.
  • Just as researchers decipher the space between the doctrine of the electric motor.
  • Barcodes These signs indicate their involvement in science.

Jeff Niwala Statement

This shows the US a new interface between cells and computers, said Jeff Niwala, one of nine authors and an assistant professor of research in Washington, D.C., in a report by Uric Alert. Potential co-author Karen to Push Zhang has seen over 20 labels.

  • We are currently working to increase the number of Nano Guardians by the hundreds, thousands, and even millions, the report said.
  • Thus, The target areas of the body. The Emperor debugging all-around plan for this sector will benefit customers.

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