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Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung Neo QLED TV Highlights and Features – What’s Good?

Samsung Neo QLED TV is the equivalent of Smart TVs. Although it is more expensive, Samsung’s QLED TV always brings the best technology in software and hardware to prepare for the TV buyer.

The new Q95B that Samsung sent us for testing is one of the latest models in the series that is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. We decided to give the 55-inch model a natural test and see what we thought after having the TV for about a month.

Samsung Neo QLED TV QN95B: What’s Good?

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B

The performance of the HP Pavilion Plus starts with the design. Almost all screens have small bezels. This TV is beautiful and looks great in every aspect. It mounts on the wall, and even on the bed, the Infinity Plan TV Stand seems to float in the air.

The TV body itself does not have a large back or door. Or, you have what Samsung calls a One Link Box, a small box that goes into the back of your chair (and tablet), or a set-top box/game console and other accessories. A picture on the wall. This will keep any cables on the back or sides of the TV. The use of cabinets makes wiring easier and more convenient especially when it is installed on the wall.

Samsung also introduced a Solar Remote that does not require a battery and can turn on your lights around the house, although it comes with a USB-C port on the bottom, which we will take by accident. Yes, Luckily we are not used. There are also keys for popular OTT channels such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and the Samsung TV Plus app.

And very good. It can be bright if you like, with bright colors, and many web settings so you can adjust the image to your heart’s content. No complaints here. There is also a Mini TV that makes a better contrast as you see almost immediately.

It comes with features such as 144Hz VRR (refresh rate) support, making it the perfect PC or TV game console. There are also features such as Samsung TV Plus, which gives you a list of TV channels that only require Wi-Fi and no additional applications or subscriptions, as well as various active applications. Watch the results of these two videos simultaneously. Although I haven’t used it much, it’s nice to have a lot of accessories considering the price of this TV.

There are also many great audio features, the TV has multiple speakers on the back, giving you an immersive audio experience. There are also some surprises that will take you to the next level. For example, if you want to integrate the sound of the Q series with your TV, you can change the speakers and enjoy the rich sound, which is good if you are part of the Samsung series.

Qled Qn95b: What Are You Doing?

Qled Qn95b What Are You Doing

The Samsung QN95B doesn’t offer the best experience on its own. There is a learning curve, especially if you’re coming from one of the other Android TVs. Since Samsung uses its own OS and the user interface is not like Android, it is difficult to find things like the App Store or scroll through the app icons on your home screen.

Finding and installing new apps is a more tedious process than the Android TV experience in my opinion. My parents, who are not tech-savvy, are taking longer than usual to use some of these features. However, these are not bad and should not be a problem at this time.

Verdict: is the Samsung Neo QLED TV QN95B for you?

Verdict is the Samsung Neo QLED QN95B for you

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: At Rs 2,54,900. The Samsung Neo QLED QN95B is not for everyone. The current 4K TV market starts well above Rs 1 lakh. But if you’re looking for something rich in refresh rates and more, options like the TCL C825 are available. At half the price in the first half of colossus.

However, what the Samsung QLED series offers are the best in class and overall experience. From the beautiful screen to the many applications. From the motorless air control to the attention to aesthetics and connectivity, the QN95B excels in every way. You also have Samsung’s name and service. Which covers the screen for free for 10 years from the date of purchase.

I would say the Samsung QN95B QLED 4K TV is for those who are willing. To pay the extra money for a durable investment, quality, and hassle-free. It would be nice if you could use other features here. For example, connect your TV to the controller, use a Samsung smartphone with MultiView, and others. If these tools suit your needs, they are the best value for the price. If you want more than 55 inches. There is also a 65-inch model priced at Rs 3,49,900/-.

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