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Steam Deck Review 2022

Steam Deck Review 2022 – Steam Deck Can’t Yet Play Every Game on Steam

Steam Deck Review 2022, You probably know a Leatherman guy a friend or (more likely) an uncle who is happy to pull out a Leatherman multi-tool to solve any problem. Need pliers? You have her. A pair of scissors for a few threads? Ready to cut. open bottle? Oh, you’ll never be thirsty as long as Doug’s around. With all these tools (and more!) a Leatherman is too big for a pocket, so they carry it  with pride on a small holster clipped to their belt.

A leatherman gives you one for Christmas the year you turn 16 and gives you his small extended-blade knife to cut the gift box. The Steam Deck is a portable gaming system that a Leatherman kid would love. It was most likely designed by the Leatherman guys at Valve.

Who decided that a portable gaming PC would only work. If it had a big screen, two big analog sticks, a trackpad, and access to a proper Linux desktop beneath its user-friendly interface would have. characteristic.

Steam Deck Review 2022 Is Not Entirely Immune:

The problem I’ve always had with Leathermans (don’t be mad at me, Leatherman folks) is that miniature scissors and other doodles are never as good as the actual tools they replace. And the Steam Deck isn’t entirely immune to this all-round problem either: After two weeks, it’s no substitute for my desktop or laptop PC like the Nintendo Switch.

But for me it’s slipped into the middle: it’s the supercharged Switch Pro that Nintendo will never make, and now there are some games I can’t imagine on any other system.

The Weak Point Of The Steam Bridge:

During my first few days with the Steam Deck, I tested the extremes playing light, year-long indies like Into the Breach, as well as brand new and graphically rich games like Deathloop. This helped me define exactly what I want to use this device for.

Airy games like Monster Train and Into the Breach run at gigahertz to save them and offer great battery life, but I enjoyed playing both on my six-year-old ultra-light laptop. Deathloop, on the other hand, could sometimes run at 60fps on low settings with AMD’s FSR enabled, but the framerate dropped as soon as I entered a dense environment.

For most new high-budget games, locking the framerate to 30fps is mandatory for stable  performance and practical battery life. With a framerate limited to 60, Deathloop drained the battery from full to 20% in an hour and 10 minutes with a brightness of around 60%. Our other battery life tests had similar results.

With an average of 51 fps and a brightness of 50%, according to our calculations in the test, God of War would drain the battery in 83 minutes; With a 30fps block, that time is increased to around 200 minutes. The GTA 5 could actually run at 60fps at high settings and squeeze two hours of battery life, but lowering it to a block of 30fps nearly doubled the estimated battery life to 214 minutes.

Fantastic Resident Evil 2 Remake Is A Notable Exception:

The fantastic Resident Evil 2 Remake is a notable exception: using a mix of low and medium settings, I was able to run it at 60fps, which was a real “wow, does this really work?” Wait a minute for such a new and beautiful game. There was a downside though, I had to play at maximum brightness in the afternoon and turn up the game’s brightness setting to see the screen clearly in my lighted living room, which made the game a little washed out and the battery drained 44% in a full hour.

However, this doesn’t impact the Steam Deck display, which I really like. It’s vibrant for an IPS panel, albeit viewed off-axis, and about what I would expect from a non-OLED panel. Resident Evil 2 is a dark game and made for an extreme proving ground – I generally had no problem playing indoors in daylight and was even able to play the 512GB model with its all-round anti-reflective coating. ‘open on a sunny day. At night, expect to be able to comfortably play the Steam deck at around 50% brightness. The maximum brightness in the dark is breathtaking.

I’d say the two hours of battery life I was able to get at maximum brightness in a game like Resi 2 is acceptable, but once I was impressed with how well the deck was capable of running the game, I realized I realize it wasn’t exactly how I wanted to experience it. It was the reticent realization of “Your scientists were so busy that dictated the rest of my testing time with the Steam Deck.

Flashlight Captures Every Detail Of Your Surrounding:

Resident Evil 2 is much more moody when the lights are on and your flashlight captures every detail of your surroundings in this police station – you lose some of it on the smaller screen. The Steam Deck trackpads allow you to play mouse / keyboard based games. But some, like Cities: Skylines, require you to squirm like a Cirque du Soleil artist who’ll bet you’ll never have a desk to sit on again. There are very few first-person shooters I’d like to play on a controller, and even fewer shooters I’ll happily play at 30fps when I can play them at 60 (or 144) on my PC.

This of course will be different for every PC player and if the Steam Deck is going to be your first gaming PC. There are probably a lot of games you would play on the system that I wouldn’t play. For me, Steam Deck is a great match for moderately demanding indies like Death’s Door and Hades that can’t run at 60fps on the Switch (any game that doesn’t perform well on the Switch, really, that’s a long list). It’s great for controller compatible games that I just can’t play at my desk after sitting all day at work (I’ll be playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance this year, by God).

Here are some games I’ve tested and now can’t wait to review on the deck that feels like the perfect home for them:


  • The tears of the earth
  • The Gate of Death

Dragon’s Dogma:

  • Dark Arisen
  • Heavenly
  • Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster
  • The story of the little king
  • monster train


  • The Witcher Tales
  • Yakuza 0 (and oh god so many other yakuza)

In addition to these types of PC games, Steam Deck Review 2022 is a killer system for emulation. So much so that I’ve written a whole separate article on it – that I was really excited to finally be able to play the retro games I’m planning. I bought it years ago and never got it.

If I were to sell the Steam deck, You can play 100 hours of RPG on the couch without hogging the TV” would be my # 1 point. 1 on the back of the box. The sofa (and bed) are really the only places I expect the Steam Deck to be – it’s portable enough to pack for a longer trip, but too clunky.

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