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Sunglasses 30 Famous Brands Men’s and Women’s

Sunglasses are 30 famous brands men’s and women’s in Pakistan. Thus, Spring! It is an essential item for both men’s and women’s sunglasses. Then, Styles and trends associated with sunglasses brands have been on the rise recently.

It has become a suitable accessory for both sexes for occasions and a versatile appearance. Thus, Sunglasses protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays and give you a stylish, chic, and imaginative look with modern colors.

Whether it’s holidays, parties, or lunches and tours, sunglasses with a stylish look and stylish atmosphere enhance the overall and unique image. Thus, If you are looking for a new model to add to your collection, we offer you the best brands of men’s and women’s sunglasses.

Here are some 30 famous brands in Pakistan:

The trend towards men’s and women’s sunglasses brands has become very popular recently. Then, It has become an excellent complementary accessory that is worth investing in for a modern and bright look for men’s and women’s glasses. Thus, We have a handful of big and great brands that make men’s and women’s sunglasses in this scenario. These are all world standards in design, appearance, and pattern. Then, We have the best quality glasses and looks, from the famous Givenchy, Fendi, Gucci, and Versace models, to global trends to Calvin Klein, HRX, Levis, G Star, and Ray-Ban.

The best and best brands and models of men’s and women’s sunglasses in the world:

Let’s take a look at the latest men’s and women’s sunglasses.

1. Polar Sunglasses

Polar is an Italian brand known for its springs and accessories. Then, The brand was founded in the early 1990s to produce luxury and exquisite glasses with a professional and sophisticated look. Then, Polar sunglasses have been around since then and now their range of sunglasses comes in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes.

  • Key Features: Motorcycles and part of the brand make perfect, stylish, and high-quality goggles and sunglasses. Thus, In addition, the brand has recently developed plastic-free quality glass and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint worldwide.
  • Available types of sunglasses: round, square, cat’s eye, oval, pilot sunglasses of different colors green, black, gray, and transparent.
2. Cartier Sunglasses

Cartier is a Paris-based French luxury brand founded in 1847. Then, The brand was originally known for its stylish and feminine jewelry and watches. The brand has since expanded its product line to include perfumes, bags, and glasses.

  • Key Features: Cartier focuses on creating an everlasting shape with beauty and class. Sunglasses and stylish glasses with a stylish and elegant elite shape with evergreen design.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Cartier sunglasses specific models include black and gold frames with round and oval lenses.
3. Police Springs Sunglasses

If you are looking for modern urban trends and styles, the Police brand, which is less well known in this part of the world, is a great brand. Thus, The company was founded in 1983 by the Italian sales group De Rego. Then, The purpose of their creations is to create a symbolic and symbolic form inspired by the style and preferences of the urban area.

  • Key Features: The Police brand is unique in that it focuses more on innovation and urban form with vintage and bold and symbolic style.
  • Types of sunglasses available: square, round and rectangular glasses with different designs and frames.
4. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs is synonymous with American-inspired fashion and specializes in beauty, watches, bags, glasses, and other accessories. Thus, The company was founded in 1963 and has been a real trend ever since. Then, They are characterized by creating and inspiring a beautiful cultural appearance with quality and inspiring design.

  • Key Features: The brand translates the popular culture version with a unique, beautiful, and comfortable look. The whole set of his glasses is naughty, stylish, and beautiful.
  • Types of sunglasses available: AC sunglasses.
5. Ideal Sunglasses

Ideal exchange! Who doesn’t know this brand? Italian luxury brands have beautiful, youthful looks and bright colors for men’s and women’s sunglasses. Thus, From affordable clothes and accessories to designer clothes and models, there is an ideal choice for everything. Then, The brand was founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975 and specializes in creating impressive, elegant, and sophisticated clothing and accessories. Thus, It is one of the luxury sunglasses that should be fashionable today.

  • Key Features: The Armani brand’s focus is on creating a contemporary look with timeless beauty, fashion, and a lifelong youthful appearance.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Passenger sunglasses, rubber, geometric, and masks are their specialty.
6. Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Many of us have heard of Jimmy Choo’s famous luxury brand and his shoe collection. Thus, They were found in the early ’90s and are popular in women’s shoe collections. However, the fashion house also offers many accessories, bags, and perfumes. Their collection of glasses really gets a lot of attention because of their playful and modern style of men’s and women’s sunglasses.

  • Key Features: Jimmy Choo, a London-based brand, specializes in creating playful, youthful, bright, and modern styles with bold and elegant looks.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Cat’s eye set and their square frame with Swarovski crystals are the brand’s strongest masterpieces.
7. Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses

Founded in 1985, the American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known luxury fashion brand. Then, The brand is known for its wide range of clothing and apparel, footwear, accessories, perfumes, and household items. Thus, Famous designers and well-known brands focus on celebrating and inspiring the Cold American era with sleek designs and appearances.

  • Key Features: Tommy Hilfiger develops a range of accessories and clothing to match modern lifestyle fashion options. Their products are interesting and funky as well as stylish and classic. A luxurious and affordable appearance can be achieved.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Pilot sunglasses, cat’s eyes, square, oval, and rectangular in black, gold, silver, gray, and green.
8. Hugo Boss Sunglasses

The German brand Hugo Boss was founded in 1924 with a line of apparel and casual wear and has been around ever since. Then, The brand focuses on unique luxury fashion with a bold and elegant appearance with attractive style and cultural arrangements. Thus, Today, they have a wide range of clothing and accessories that match the looks of versatile designers with different men.

  • Key Features: Hugo Boss focuses primarily on creating luxurious designer clothing styles with versatile options and shapes. The fashion house also offers unconventional designs with fashion products and a luxury lifestyle to attract men of this generation.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Hugo Boss offers the latest designs of glasses, including double bridge sunglasses, titanium, and acetate.
9. Sunglasses Ideas

Idee is an exclusive eyewear brand that offers you unique collections with attractive, classic, youthful, and unique looks. Then, The brand was founded around 2000 and aims to create a collection of high-quality first-class glasses with a vibrant, sensitive, and elegant look.

  • Key Features: Idea glasses models with stylish, classic, eye-catching, and avant-garde designs are called modern.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Ideas is a special and popular brand of glasses that offers an affordable range of sunglasses with all styles and trends.
10. Maybach Sunglasses

The Maybach brand of glasses is popular with people looking for unique and rare luxury items. Thus, Maybach is responsible for creating authentic artistic appearances that are valued for their quality and safety for their original form. From their optical frames to their overall shape and intricate details, Maybach is a pioneer.

  • Key Features: The Maybach Springs collection is known for its products that are designed with valuable details, appearance, and hand-made feel.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Maybach is known for its precious glass collections that redefine luxury clothing with intricate designs. Sunglasses have intricate crystal details and gold frames.
11. Aldo Sunglasses

The Aldo brand was founded by Aldo Benson in 1972. Then, The brand is known for its footwear and accessories, especially watches and sunglasses. Thus, The company offers different models that respond to different preferences and attract customers with designs.

12. HRX Single Sunglasses

The Hargitay Roshan HRX Company is very important for the manufacture of modern and beautiful clothing, apparel, and accessories in India. Thus, HRX’s distinctive style focuses on the aspect of your shape with a beautiful, classic style and retro atmosphere.

  • Key Features: HRX works well with high-quality products and accessories with a modern, stylish, and classic look. They are beautiful, simple, and versatile.
  • Only spring-type available: Products are available in newer models, oval and rotating in black, gray, and brown.
13. Ochiali’s Only Fahrenheit

The Fahrenheit March was funded in 2009 to make classic magic and the most accessible and beautiful. Thus, It offers a wide range of accessories such as springs, famous, beautiful, avant-garde, and modern. The franchise is available, easy, and beautiful.

  • Key Features: Fahrenheit is designed to produce high-quality products and accessories with easy range. High-quality son, classic, and very beautiful.
  • Types of single ocular are available: Single ocular square, elliptical and rotundas are popular.
14. Channel Single Sunglasses

Channel! Parks for someone who doesn’t know the famous March. Coco Chanel founded the March in 1910. * The most famous and well-known luxury item for Dawn, for which it is written, written, and exchanged. Thus, The march focuses on the sleeves of modern opera, beautiful and without tempo, with intricate shapes in lush and exquisite style variations. At the same time, Chanel is claiming a famous brand for a wide range of stylists and women.

  • Important Features: Chanel revolves around complementary and detachable products with a beautiful atmosphere. They all have high-quality products and accessories for high-quality transportation with beautiful shapes.
  • Only types of springs are available: models, springs, rotors, rectangles, and squares with details and complex accessories that are designed to run.
15. Allenatore Single Sunglasses

Soft, sophisticated, and patient! This is what defines a coach’s design and salute. Founded in 1941, the Coach March is an American-style march focused on accessories, headlights, and portfolios. March is not only for its products but also for its pleasant aspect and attractive future design.

  • Features: The marching coach offers many accessories that focus on the soles of the eyes and focus on creations that resist tempo in design and shape. Sono is beautiful, youthful and multifaceted, original, attractive, and lush.
  • Types of single fountains available: geometric fountains, fountains with square, turned and polarized shapes, and others. Gold is available in black, brown, blue, pink.
16. Ray-ban Single Sunglasses

RayBan is one of the most popular ocher brands in India and in the world. È A native Italian and American marched in 1936. Thus, RayBan was initially known for his occhiali from a single pilot, at the beginning of the project’s creation and creation, depending on the nature and shape of the dopodiché. It is now one of the most popular ocher marches on the line.

  • Main features: March only focuses on man and Donna’s Vista access to eye accessory accessories. Hanno diversified lenses and springs from single in their design. RayBan is notable for its elegant and modern design, but without any tempo.
  • Types of springs only available: passerby, aviator, round, eye shape, brown, gray, military green, transparent and blue with different colors.
17. Single-needle Lens Sunglasses

Fastrack is an Indian brand founded in 1988. Thus, Offers a range of accessories and products designed for accessibility and the Indian lifestyle. From watches and stock wallets/wallets to singles and other anchors, Fast Track is one of the most important tools in India. ایک One of the most popular and all fashionable marches.

  • Key Features: The difference between magnets is part of the issue of light fashion and stylist march, and fast products are high quality and convenient.
  • Available from single to professional types: You can find many different types from single to professional types.
18. Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid is a leading specialist spectacle brand founded in 1937 in Cambridge. The brand focuses on producing high-quality and durable google products that look fashionable but protect the eyes from harmful radiation and other external factors.

  • Key Features: Polaroid brand goggles and sunglasses offer the highest comfort and quality in polarized lenses and glasses. They are durable, quality, and eye-catching.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Polaroid is a brand of glasses that offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of style and eye health. Here you will find color-based frame and lens models.
19. Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Calvin Klein is an American company founded in 1968. The brand specializes in clothing, accessories, bags, and sportswear. Instead of designer quality accessories such as glasses, shiny and shiny appearance, look simple and stylish with a fresh and fresh design.

  • Key Features: High-quality and durable CK sunglasses with clean and accurate design, elegance, and classic design.
  • Types of sunglasses available: The iconic ghost models of these glasses include minimal, round, and metal pilot designs.
20. Lifting Sunglasses

Burberry, a great British brand, started with raincoats and coats. After starting with suits and coats, they also tried on bags, glasses, and other accessories. Burberry is famous for its designer clothes with modern design as well as classic and stylish.

  • Key Features: Stylish, classic, and beautiful portable accessories with vibrant modern colors and classic shape. Everything is stylish but classic.
  • Types of sunglasses available: square, round, oval, and pilot frame in different colors.
21. Gucci Sunglasses

The Gucci brand is known worldwide for its luxury fashion house in the fields of makeup, perfume, clothing, footwear, and sunglasses. They have developed a wide range of accessories and clothing suitable for fashion enthusiasts and designer clothing stores.

  • Key Features: Gucci sunglasses are famous for their beautiful and elegant appearance with original design and stylish and attractive appearance.
  • Types of sunglasses available: pilot sunglasses, round, oval, square, and rectangular.
22. Oakley Sunglasses

Founded in the mid-1970s, Oakleys is the world’s leading brand of sportswear and sunglasses. Thus, Oakleys specializes in the manufacture of internationally renowned fountains and sports fountains. Thus, The best brand of eyewear is a branch of the Italian luxury brand based in California.

  • Key Features: Oculus is known for producing unique accessories and glasses for international athletes. They focus on high-quality touch sunglasses and have more than 800 patents for their innovative designs.
  • Available types of sunglasses: polarized lenses, prism, polarized prism, black, brown, and chrome with a choice of colors to clean.
23. Prada Sunglasses

The Prada brand is another Italian religious brand known for its luxurious and distinctive style and accessories. Thus, Mario Prada founded the brand in 1913 and offers a variety of models in the manufacture of accessories, shoes, bags, and more. Then, Your sunglasses shine with a creative and unique look and style. Prada is one of the most famous brands of luxury sunglasses!

  • Key Features: The brand uses innovative methods and unique designs to create a high-quality and durable shape. Prada accessories are known for their timeless, classic, and confident look that withstands the test of time and stays in trend.
  • Types of sunglasses available: masks, geometric patterns
24. Mohit Lacoste Sunglasses

Lacoste is a French luxury brand founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste. Thus, The famous brand manufactures a wide range of accessories and clothing such as sunglasses, sportswear, leather goods, perfumes, and watches. Although they started with the usual lines of T-shirts and sportswear, they successfully spread to accessories and perfumes.

  • Key Features: Lacoste creates world-class fashion with simple and easy styling.
  • Types of sunglasses available: This brand is famous for walking models with round metal glasses and beautiful and stylish styling.
25. Vogue Sunglasses

Most of us know that Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. It is true. Then many branches in different countries of the world publish separate magazines for each issue. Thus, they have introduced their unique clothing accessories that are suitable for all the needs and tastes of fashion artists.

  • Key Features: Like Fashion Industry Magazine, Vogue Glasses offers the latest fashion trends for men and women with confidence in the price range.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Vogue sunglasses are available in different styles, designs, and patterns. Available in colors, different designs, and modern styles. Its most famous is round cat glasses with shadows and thick metal straps.
26. View D&G Sunglasses

D&G for short, Dolce and Gabbana are also called Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Thus, Designers, founded the brand in 1985 to create unique designs with a feminine, modern and elegant style. Their design and construction are about maximizing with different style details. Then, The luxury brand is now a leader in clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, wallets, and sunglasses.

  • Key Features: The Dolce & Gabbana brand aims to highlight its appearance with modern fashion, which is full of femininity, elegance, and class.
  • Types of glasses available: Glass, small glass, and translucent glass are popular in their collections.
27. Versace Sunglasses

Versace is another luxury brand that was born in 1978 in Italy. Thus, Founded by Gianni Versace, a fashion company initially developed sleek, stylish, and elegant lines of clothing and accessories. In Milan (Italy) still live in the elements of the fashion industry. Then, Versace is for the future, present, and past because of its unique and sophisticated industrial models. Thus, its glasses are very popular, delicate, and beautiful.

  • Key Features: The brand focuses on creating designs with a variety of bold and intricate designs and designs. They know how to cross boundaries to create something new, and they often have to start over.
  • Available lenses: size, cat, butterfly, single lens, navigation, oval, square, round, and rectangle.
28. Fendi Sunglasses

Now we have another Italian luxury brand: Fendi! The brand was founded in Rome in 1925 and has since developed a splendor with delicate shapes and expressions for delicate accessories. Then, Fendi offers sunglasses, hardware, shoes, perfume, fashionable shapes, and beautiful shapes.

  • Key Features: Fendi’s special feature is creating something no one else thinks about. The new ideas of the day and the unique creative process influence their style and design. Glasses and accessories are basically modern, but comfortable and modern.
  • Types of sunscreen available: geometric, square, and round in gray, beige, wine, green, black and yellow.
29. Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas, a German brand, is known around the world for its sportswear. Although the brand is known for its clothing and footwear, it also offers minimalist, simple, and classic designs. Then Adidas sunglasses are no exception. Thus, they are suitable for every age with beautiful design and timeless appearance.

  • Key Features: Sunglasses come in a variety of designs and colors in a variety of specific, specific, and innovative ways.
  • Types of sunglasses available: cat eyes, pilot, oval, round, rectangular, glasses, sports glasses, etc.
30. Puma Sunglasses

Puma, a German company, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of athletic and sports products. From clothing and footwear to accessories, they are leaders in the industry. The range of her glasses is no less than her clothes. Glasses are ideal for simple and durable design, with comfort and minimal style.

  • Key Features: Lil accessories and sole dress Puma marks are contracted, beautiful, simple, and straight.
  • Types of sunglasses available: Sports glasses and then the sunglasses with the round, aerobic, and oval glasses, you can find everything in this brand.

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