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T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup – Fans Prepare for Babar Azam Battle Against Rashid Khan Today

T20 world cup the first dance of the Pakistan-Afghanistan conflict is only hours away, and fans can’t wait to see Babar Azam takes on spin wizard Rashid khan.

It will be an interesting battle, as both players are young, extremely good at what they do, and will likely give fans a chance to watch a game between them.

T20 World Cup: Fans Prepare for Babar Azam Battle Against Rashid Khan Today

Babar Azam and Rashid khan are both in good shape, with the former scoring an impressive half-century in the first leg against India, while the latter scored four great wickets against Scotland.

The Pakistani governor is at no. 2 in the ICC t20 ranking while Rashid khan is at no. 3 in the bowlers ranking. Zubair Ahmed was waiting impatiently for Babar Azam to show his order and Rashid khan to show his genius.

Rashid Khan Urges Pakistani and Afghan Supporters to Behave Well:

A day ago, Afghan spinner Rashid khan urged fans from Afghanistan and Pakistan to act when the two neighbors met today at the t20 world cup, recalling the clashes between fans in England two years ago.

Famous Afghan spinner Rashid played in this world cup match for over 50 years at the crowded Headingley in Leeds in 2019. His team was defeated by Pakistan, but the result was overshadowed by violence and riots on and off the field. As fans poured out of the stands, players needed safety gear off the pitch. It’s definitely always a good fight with Pakistan, but it must remain a war, Rashid said on Thursday.

He Said, I want all the fans to stay calm and enjoy the game. What happened in the 2019 game shouldn’t have happened. Afghanistan started the t20 world cup in style with Scotland beating just 60 in response to the mammoth 190-4.

While Rashid won four wickets and his spinning mate Mujer Rahman took five wickets. Afghanistan broke the border 11, 6, and 13 on the Scottish route to Sharjah.

However, Rashid said that offensive shots are not the only aim of the team. He said I think we should play good cricket. It’s not about getting too many sixes. It’s very difficult to score six for these reasons. Small rooks aren’t good enough to score six.

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