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The Google Page on Experience

The Google Page on Experience Their Updating After AMP Will Remove Survey 40% of SEOs

As you know, once The Google Page on Experience starts (delayed). The AMP will no longer be required to appear in the headlines. The buzz in the world of SEO news is about what will you do to remove the AMP pages. Keep the old ones continuing with the AMP, what will you do? So Aleyda Solis posted a poll on Twitter asking people what they would do and most of those who posted answers said they would remove AMP pages from their sites. 41.2% said they would remove AMP pages and not add more, 35.3% said they would continue to add AMP pages and 23.4% said they would keep existing AMP pages but not add more AMP pages.

The Google Page on Experience

AMP on your sites

For those using AMP on your sites: the upcoming change in page experience update. And AMP is no longer a requirement for headline news, no Google AMP signal will be displayed, etc. Will it make you change your AMP usage? Now, I suspect many will test him. First, try not to add AMP to the news stories they post and see what happens. So they might see positive results. And then see if they are able to remove AMP pages from maybe 10% of their pages. And see what happens. Time will tell and this should be a slow process for everyone, do not just rip AMP off your site the day this update launches. A new page experience report is now available in the Google search console that combines core web vital reports with other page experience signals such as:

  • Mobile usability: URLs must not contain mobile usability errors to qualify for good status.
  • Security issues: any security issues for a site exclude all URLs from the site from good condition.
  • Use HTTPS: a page must be provided over HTTPS to be Provided in good condition of the page.
  • Advertising experience: a website should not use advertising techniques that distract, interrupt, or otherwise promote a good user experience. If a site is marked as having a bad advertising experience, all pages on the site are considered to have a bad experience on the page.

The Search Console Performance

The experience on-page report will measure the percentage of URLs on a site offering a good experience based on an assessment of the factors above. Website owners can also use the report to discover the page experience indicator elements to learn more about improvement opportunities.

Along with this update, the search console search performance report has been updated with the ability to filter pages with a good page experience. This will help you monitor how you compare pages with good experience to other pages on a site.

For more information on updating the page experience see the following resources:

  • Google: the main vital parameters of the web become ranking signals in May 2021
  • 7 tips for improving top vital web scores and then page experience marks
  • Google in the expected impact of updating key web vital data

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