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The University of Delhi

The University of Delhi (DU) Publishes a Special Clipping List – Entrance November 14 and 15

To fill the vacancies, the University of Delhi announced a special Education holiday on Saturday. Applicants can apply for admission through the special campaign today and tomorrow. The university informs that Candidates must check the availability of places by course. And by category in the college for which they are applying.

The list of qualifications and the approval of candidates based on vacancies available on 16 and 17 November. An official press release also states. That candidates who have passed the admission within one of the previous five limits (including the special limit) will not be able to participate in the special reader.

The University of Delhi (DU) Publishes a Special Clipping List:

The notice was not accepted because you could not apply for admission. Or you canceled admission to one of the universities due to one of the previous deadlines until the fifth limit (including the special period). If you respect the previous restrictions and/or the restrictions of the special guide. And if seats are available at this time, your independent leader record will be considered. You cannot travel during a special route.

Applicants registered at any of the previous five thresholds (including the thresholds) are not eligible to participate in the special campaign. Which means they are already in the process. The University of Delhi + university applicants who register are not eligible applicable attend special training seminars.

Candidates Can Access the Cut List in the Appropriate Section:

On Saturday, November 13, the University of Delhi (DU) will publish then the list of exclusion of special units for admission to university courses (UG). Candidates can access the cut list in the appropriate section of then the DU entry portal: admission.

The official announcement also states that applicants who have gained access to any of the five portals above (including the special portal) will not be able to participate in the dedicated tour. Applicants accepted within any of the above five limits (including the special quota) are not eligible to participate in the special campaign. This means that applicants accepted who are in the + university program at their Delhi university will not be eligible. Participate in a special unit.

  • If 20 students apply for four vacancies, we will publish a list of eligible students. And accept the first four students for admission.
  • In addition, students admitted to any of the universities listed above cannot cancel. Their admission and apply for admission to these universities, the ad says.
  • In the event of a tie, the candidate with the highest average (total of the first five subjects of which language is one) will be first considered for the proficiency test.




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