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The Version of TikTok

The Version of TikTok – Children Are Given a Daily Time Limit on Douyin Near About 40 Minutes

The Version of TikTok: Dwayne, the Chinese version of TikTok, will close the boys’ tent for 40 minutes. These rules apply to users under the age of 14 who have been approved under their real name and will be able to access them between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. In a blog post, parent company Bytes announced the Youth Mode app, claiming it was the first company in the video industry to have these restrictions.

Chinese Ban on the Use of Technology by Young People

This is the case with the Chinese ban on the use of technology by young people. According to Dwayne’s user agreement, there is no minimum age on the platform. But the consent of a legal guardian is required for 18 years. My sister is at least 13 years old in the tick tick app.

  • New school supplies including science experiments, museum exhibits, and historical examples were released by Dwayne as part of Youth Mode.
  • “Yes, we are harder on teens. We are working hard to provide high-quality content so that young people can learn and see the world. Take the crackdown.
  • Last month in China, children under 18 were banned from playing theatrical games during the week.
  • And their games were limited to just one hour on Fridays, weekends, and holidays.
  • In February, Chinese children were banned from going to school on their cell phones.

The Version of TikTok Analysis Kerry Allen

These rules have been around for a long time in the Chinese version of Tik Tak. Over the past three years, media and public media have warned about how long the Chinese youth will have online for their physical and mental health.

  • Virtual reality data on social media shows that Chinese people spend more than five hours a day online.
  • Including two social media.
  • While that number does not include men under the age of 16. E-learning has been largely absent from the lives of young Chinese people for the past 19 years at Covid.
  • In addition, state broadcaster CGTN says 95% of China’s new population is online today, less than 183 million.

The Version of TikTok And Chinese Cyberspace Service

In 2018, Chinese officials said they were trying to limit the time spent online by minors due to increased levels of privacy among children. Technology, Dwayne, who looks like TikTok, is very popular with young people. This is why the head of then the Chinese summit, the Chinese Cyberspace Service.

Said that “cyberspace is good for the healthy development of young people.” Create spatial environments. In 2019, Dwayne and Combat Service Quisho filed a complaint against the drug media. Thus, They introduced baby locks and tested then the leisure limitation functions on these platforms.

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