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Top Popular Haircuts

Top Popular Haircuts And Hairstyles For Men 2021

Top Popular haircuts there is no better time than the New Year to put on a new look. Continuing last year’s exploration of bolder cuts and styles, this year features some of the best looks for men we’ve seen in quite some time.

From short fades and undercuts to medium length combs and locks and even long updos and braids for men, this year has a stylish option for all lengths and hair types. Here are the most popular men’s haircuts that every man should try.

Top Popular Short Haircuts

Short Top Popular Haircuts:

The shorter options still give you volume and texture but is a practical style that can reduce the grooming time of longer afros. Fresh and modern, what is not to love?

Regulatory FitRegulatory Fit:

The regulation fit is military-inspire and define by its crop length and side slit. It is a simple, practical and easy to wear look. The sides and back are short, with more length at the top of the head to allow for a side part. However, the jumpsuit is masculine and creates a very clean and refined look.

It helps to use a styling product that keeps everything in place and creates a shiny, smooth finish. It’s a great look for those who want a simple hairstyle that can lend itself well to a variety of occasions, including the more formal ones.

Tall And NarrowTall And Narrow:

The high and tight cut is a fantastic short haircut for men. Army-inspired, this is a simple cut that has a rugged masculine feel. Defined by faded or short sides and a slightly longer back and top, the overall look is very neat, helping to achieve a professional look.

We can play on the length, favoring very short sides and even blurring the skin, or by opting for a more traditional and classic approach. The high, form-fitting style is ideal for a variety of occasions, including the most formal. It’s a simple cut that takes almost no time to style and can be tailored to suit all textures and hair types.

Short CurlsShort Curls:

The great thing about curly hair is that it is incredibly versatile; it can be shaped in many ways and adapted to fit different lengths. That said, keeping it short is undeniably one of the easiest ways to wear it. Short curls are a fantastic way to tame your locks, cut down on styling time, and don’t get tangled easily. It can also create a masculine and fresh look. The texture can make the simplest cut interesting and sexy. Leave your hair messy for a more relaxed approach. Or keep it clean and shiny by brushing it back and forth.

Top Popular haircuts Sharp HairTop Popular haircuts Sharp Hair:

Pointed hair has been a popular style since the 90s and has a decidedly grunge vibe. The appeal of this look today is that it creates a textured look and can be tailored for hair of different lengths and types. The traditional approach would be to go for defined ends of medium length. You can also keep them short or go for a messy approach that’s much more subtle and natural. The tips won’t work with long hair unless you plan to use a product with a strong hold, which will make you look more punky.

Wavy Hair With Side Part

Wavy Hair With Side Part:

Wavy hair is one of the most sought after hair types and can make hair look fuller and thicker. You can keep it long or short and style it in different ways including a side part. One of the best things about this parting is that it helps create a more professional look and can make even the simplest look clean and refined. It draws attention to your face and can highlight and flatter your features. The combination can be suitable for any occasion, but keep a little extra length if you want to showcase your natural waves. To help keep your style in place, pair it with a styling product like pomade or matte gel.

Short BangsShort Bangs:

What’s not to love about a haircut with bangs? The great thing about bangs is that they can added to any haircut and can kept long or short and suitable for different hair textures. It can transform your look, making it more interesting and flattering for your facial features. For men who want to make a statement, going for long, plunging bangs will get you notice, but shorter bangs are much easier to wear and take less time to style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hair in your eyes.

Pompadour Disconnected Top Popular Haircuts

Pompadour Disconnected Top Popular Haircuts:

An offline pompadour gives you the best of both worlds; a haircut with volume and edge. The pompadour hairstyle was popular in the 1950s and remains relevant today with some modern twists. It can fit different hairstyles and lengths. While this has traditionally pretty dramatic look, playing with proportions, it can made shorter and tailor for a more wearable fit. Pairing it with a disconnected undercut will create an interesting contrast and add flair to your look. It is define by short hair on the sides and back, leaving some length on the crown of the head. This allows for a tough, masculine look that pleases men of all ages.

Side Part with Quiff

Side Part with Quiff:

Choosing a side part with a carrot is a classic and refined look for any man. The jumpsuit allows you to keep the length at the top of the head and increase the volume as the feather is brush up and back. Thus, this style is incredibly versatile and can achieve on different textures and hair lengths. For a more subtle approach, it is best to keep the hair shorter. The side part is a classic and timeless option that creates a professional and Old Hollywood look. Therefore, it is a fantastic addition to your haircut and can make styling interesting easier.

Caesar Cup Top Popular HaircutsCaesar Cup Top Popular Haircuts:

The Caesar cut is a classic and timeless look that can suit men of all ages. It is define by being relatively the same length, including the top, back, and sides. The style also features short bangs, which can create a subtle contrast. That said, it can adapt to the texture of your hair and you can experiment with different lengths and bangs. For a low maintenance option, it would cut short. If you’re a man who wants a modern twist on a classic cut, add a tapered fade or undercut.

Smooth Back Fade TaperSmooth Back Fade Taper:

Few of the combinations go hand in hand, as does the frayed fade and smooth back hairstyle. The smooth back is a timeless fit that create a refine look and is perfect for a style-conscious gentleman. So it can suit most hair textures and lengths and helps achieve a sleek look by brushing the hair back and using products for holding and creating a shimmer effect. Pairing with a tapered fade can add a modern twist to a classic fit; the hair is gradually cut on the sides and back. This also allows you to play on the proportions.

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