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Twitter Has Opened Super Followers on iOS for All Its Users

Twitter has a new “Super Follow” option for all users on iOS that gives creators greater ability to monetize and increase revenue directly from their big fans.

First released to the public in June and then released in limited beta in September, SuperFalo allows Twitter users with over 10,000 followers to add additional, private followers. Application.

Super Followers Audience for Tweets

Super Followers Audience for Tweets:

Backup creators have been given a new option to select Super Followers audience for Tweets and limit access to content for paid users only.

Another way to build an audience through the content of your tweets, Twitter’s incentive for more creators to tweet, increase app engagement and traffic is part of a wider push.

  • SuperFollow is one of the founders of several new monetization projects that Twitter has now approved. Profile Tip – Available to all users now over 18 (iOS only).
  • Ticketed Places – Available now to US-based customers with 1,000+ followers who have hosted at least 3 places in the last 30 days.
  • Space Financing – Twitter unveiled its Spark Space Startup Funding Initiative last week, which receives 2500 a month for selected contributors to help develop the content of social audiences.
  • Review Newsletter Links – Not a direct payment, but Twitter now allows Revue Newsletter creators to promote their subscriptions directly to their profiles and tweets.
  • These measures are part of a major plan to increase Twitter usage and revenue. And the company is looking to double that by 2023 to implement management practices through growth.
  • In March last year, investment management firm Elliott Management Corp bought a Twitter key. That you thought would be less likely to use the app. Which was replaced by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
  • His focus has spread to Twitter and Times Square, where he is also CEO.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

Dorsey and his team were concerned about submitting a proposal implementation to the ambitious development plan and as a result.

Twitter changed dramatically in future curriculum development. Yes, and we see many new products and projects in the App Store.

Twitter Early Startups:

Don’t cancel though. Although one of Twitter’s early startups was discontinued a year ago. Data shows that monetization options. Including Twitter’s own internal subscriptions. Have not yet seen significant growth in users.

  • Last month, app analytics provider Sensor Tower announced that the Twitter Super Follow option was only $ 6,000 in the United States. And about $ 600 in Canada after the Super Follow social media option became available in the first two weeks.
  • At the minimum price ($ 2.99) for SuperFollow, it brings just 2,000 users. Or 0.005% of the Twitter user base to everyone in the app. And this is huge.
  • And while there hasn’t been enough data for the past two weeks, Twitter media is still working on ways to implement the system, not quite fixing the previous figure, and local ticket advice has seen a modest response in its early stages.
  • Once again, Twitter is still a tactic by all means. This week, Tweet announced that it will now highlight Trending Areas on the Explore tab. Which has seen significant promotion and will see more post options later.

While this can create a better ticketing space, greater access to super-followers can help improve its vision and promote customers.

It’s hard to say if any of these things are happening – but one thing. That probably suffers from this habitual behavior is to ask Twitter users to pay for things they have free access to. In addition to practices, like everyone else in the app.

There may not be as many users who charge their stories with small views as they share in small groups. More broadly, Twitter needs more users to pass on and consider this change, which will help increase traffic in infancy.

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