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UK Scholarships

UK Scholarships – Commonwealth Shared Fully Funded 2022

The commonwealth UK scholarships and shared scholarships are some of the largest and then the most respected international scholarship programs in the world. Then the commonwealth scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. Thus, you have the right to apply for a full-time master’s degree.

There are no registration fees because they do not charge registration fees. Then the commonwealth shared scholarship is a UK government-funded scholarship program in partnership with selected UK universities. Since its inception in 1959, more than 30,000 people have received scholarships or fellowships from then the commonwealth.

Of these, 28,500 have been funded by the UK government through the commonwealth committee of then the United Kingdom (CSC). Then the commonwealth scholarship committee is funded by the government of the United Kingdom.

And then the United Kingdom department of state and then the commonwealth (FCDO). Thus, you can study in the UK without IELTS. All fields are available on a Commonwealth scholarship. Now 27,800 people have then benefited from commonwealth grants.

UK Scholarships, Commonwealth Shared 2022:

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: fully funded
  • Course level: master
  • Deadline: 20-12-2021

Scholarship Coverage:

  • Round-trip flight tickets approved from your country to the UK and then the back when your prize leaves.
    Complete lessons accepted.
  • Monthly salary with a share of 1,111,110 per month or 36,362 per month for universities in the London metropolitan area (tuition fees at 2020-2021 level).
  • Compensation for warm clothing if needed
  • Financing for a thesis in exchange for a diploma thesis
  • Training trips to other countries or to the UK are also free

Commonwealth-provided Projects:

  • Commonwealth grants are offered for 6 development topics:
  • Science and technology for then the development
  • Strengthen health systems and then the capacities
  • Promote global prosperity
  • Strengthen world peace, security, and then governance
  • Strengthen resilience and then the crisis management capacity
  • Access, integration, and opportunity

Eligible Countries:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Cameroon
  3. Esvatini
  4. Ghana
  5. In India
  6. Kenya
  7. Kiribati
  8. Lesotho
  9. Malawi
  10. Mozambique
  11. Nigeria
  12. Pakistan
  13. Papua New Guinea
  14. Rwanda
  15. Sierra Leone
  16. Solomon Islands
  17. Sri Lanka
  18. Tanzania
  19. The Gambia
  20. Tuvalu
  21. Uganda
  22. Vanuatu
  23. Zambia

Eligibility Requirements:

To apply for these scholarships, you must:

  • They have obtained refugee status in an eligible commonwealth country.
  • Be prepared to begin your academic studies in the UK or remotely if required, in early September/October 2021.
  • You must have at least a high school (2:1) or second degree and an appropriate college degree.
  • Then the candidates have not previously studied in other European countries.

Selection Criteria:

Applications will be processed according to then the following selection criteria:

  • The candidate’s academic merit
  • The potential impact of the study on then the development of the applicant’s country of origin

The deadline to apply for commonwealth UK shared scholarships 2022 is December 20, 2021.

How to Apply:
You must apply online for then the commonwealth shared scholarship 2022. Online application process.


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