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HEC for the Provision of Temporary Undergraduate Admissions to A-level Students

Undergraduate Admissions Temporary to HEC for the Provision of A-level Students

The government canceled all Temporary Undergraduate Admissions to HEC and Exams due to COVID-19 measurements. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has decided to Temporary Undergraduate Admissions to HEC to the university for final-year students. Students will receive admission for autumn 2021, so as not to miss the entire school year. After consulting the Covid-19 supervisory board, which represented representatives from each province and region and heads some of the private universities, he agreed to the Provision of Temporary Undergraduate Admissions to A2 students in the autumn semester. We want to reassure parents and students that he and universities are committed to ensuring a student-centered approach, then without compromising the interest of universities and the quality of teaching and learning, said Dr. Shasta Sohail.

Temporary Undergraduate Admissions to HEC:

 Undergraduate Admissions

Earlier this month, the government canceled levels o and tests across the country following an increase in coronavirus infections.  According to federal  Shafqat Mehmood, Cambridge will take the exams at the October-November meeting. However, the final examinations of level A students will continue. Cambridge International A-level exams can continue to go forward to ensure that students can advance their education beyond school, a British Council press release said. The number of students in each test center was reduced to ensure the implementation of the coronavirus protocols.

In addition, the international board asked students from across the country to rank them according to the grades assessed by the schools. They also went to the courts of several cities and withdrew their reports. What are the school’s assessment scores? Under this system, schools will work with the international council. And then follow a four-step process to provide each student with their grades.

The Following Is an Overview of How This Will Happen

  • Cambridge will ask schools to provide a grade based on the level of achievement shown by each student.
  • To assess this grade, schools should identify a portfolio of three essential pieces of each student’s work in each program.
  • The board will ask schools to share details about the internal quality assurance procedures followed when collecting student portfolios and submitting grades.
  • Cambridge international will conduct external quality assurance audits in grades.
    Evidence that the school will present as evidence may include fake school exams, homework, essays, and internships.

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