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Unique Horse In Zelda

Unique Horse In Zelda – The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Unique Horse In Zelda: The link will have the chance to encounter all kinds of ponies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but there are a few he wants to focus on in particular. Six unique horses will take over the new Zelda game some returning from Breath of the Wild and some completely new and each will have a unique look and set of stats that set them apart from your average wild horse. Ultimately, the best TOC horse is often a matter of player preference.

Every Unique Horse In Zelda

After all, horses have important work to do. Breath of the Wild was the primary means of transportation around Hyrule, with the rare exception of a Master Cycle Zero or a poorly constructed flying machine. However, weighing the options properly can provide useful information.



This estate is among the new rare horses in the Kingdom of Tears, but unfortunately, it’s not the most impressive of the lot. His black and white coat (as seen on YouTube by Lootward) is unique and no other horse in the game has the same pattern – but unfortunately, his stats aren’t great. With three points for speed and power, he is not the slowest horse, but he is far from being the fastest horse in Toc.

The Spot redeems itself a bit on fours and the ability to pull things with a trailer, but ultimately there are plenty of horses that can do it (with wild horses) with more power and speed. For this reason, Spot, despite its interesting appearance, is considered the rarest horse in the kingdom of tears. However, players looking to add it to their stable collection can unlock it by completing the “Incompletely Stable” side quest in Lookout Landing and finding a location in the area southwest of Lookout Landing in the following side quest. . “point of view”.


Like Link’s character Sid, Epona will no doubt garner a lot of player liking and with four points of strength, speed, and stamina, she’s a well-rounded choice that’s useful for both combat and simply walking around the map. Sadly, there’s no harness attached to it, which means it can’t pull carts or objects but since players can build all sorts of vehicles in TOK, that’s not a deal breaker.

Its biggest downside is that players must have the correct to unlock Epona in Kingdom Tears, as it cannot be found in the wild or obtained through side quests. The Twilight Princess Link and Super Smash Bros. The Link Amiibo has the option to add Epona to Hyrule, where she will automatically mellow and be ready to accompany Link. Those who scan Epona with an Amiibo in Breath of the Wild can also transfer her via save data, but other than that, there’s no other way to unlock Epona in TOK.

White Royal Stallion

White Royal Stallion

Zelda’s White Royal Stallion has a maximum of five stamina points, four strength points, three-speed points, and three stamina points. Although speed is a bit low, stamina is one of the horse’s most important stats. After all, players can build all kinds of cool vehicles in Tears of Kingdom, but once the battery runs out, they become useless. Meanwhile, a high-powered horse – like the Royal White Stallion – can run for a long time, making it ideal for covering large areas of the map (especially at the start of the game, when Link can no longer cover pits). energy. ).

Additionally, the Royal White Stallion can pull and is one of TOK’s most visible horses, with its pale coat and yellow shoulders and tail that look a lot like Princess Zelda herself. Luckily, players who have already unlocked a good Stallion in Breath of the Wild can get it in Royal Tears by transferring their saved data. Some players may find the Royal White Stallion hidden in the field above Skull Lake.

A big Black Stallion

The Giant Black Stallion, one of the giant horses in Royal Tears, is one of the strongest horses in the game – fitting, as it resembles Ganondorf’s horse. With five points of maximum power, two points of speed, and stamina, he is not the strongest horse of all his friends. However, its great length – and by extension the str

Huge White Stallion Unique Horse In Zelda

Huge White Stallion Unique Horse In Zelda

One of the best horses in the kingdom is a huge white stallion. It has the same stats as Ganon’s horse but is much easier to find and register, giving it a slight advantage. Instead of Hateno Bay, players can cross the Horse God Bridge near Horse God Lake to find the Giant White Stallion. However, it can also be taken from Breath of the Wild.

Zelda’s Golden Horse Unique Horse In Zelda

Zelda’s golden horse is probably the most beautiful horse and the best horse in the kingdom. His stats are rounded down, standing at four points for power and speed, three for durability, and two for shooting. Of course, the Golden Horse has a point less than Epona in terms of durability – but the former still outperforms the latter because not only does she pull things or her coat is shiny gold, but you can also find her outside.

To unlock the best horses in the Kingdom’s Tears, players must first use the “Potential Queen Sightings” section of the Lucky Clover newspaper near Rito Village. After that, they must go to the Snowfield stables near the northern Tabantha snowfield, where they will find the hand of Harlow, who is panicking about the escaped golden horse. After the conversation, they need to head north to find the horse in a snowy field (fortunately, thanks to its shiny coat, it’s not too difficult).

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