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Xiaomi Debuts Loop

Xiaomi Debuts Loop Liquid Cool Technology for Phones – With Twice the Heat Dissipation of Traditional Chambers

Xiaomi Debuts Loop, On Friday, November 5, Xiaomi Loop announced a new technology called Liquid Cool that enables efficient cooling processes in the pharmacy. The luxury heating system introduced by the Chinese smartphone company isolates hot air and reduces the problem of conventional heat in mobile phones by cooling the fluid circulation.

Inspired by the technologies used in aerospace cooling systems, Liquid Coal Loop technology represents a new step in traditional steam rooms. Thus, It works by the action of Capillaries that draw fluid from the coolant to the heat source. Creating the gas and then distributing the heat to the cold area. The company plans to put a liquid carbon package on its smartphones in the second half of 2022.

Xiaomi Launches New Liquid Cool Loop Technology:

Xiaomi Debuts Loop Launches New Liquid Cool Loop Technology in Blog Post. The company says the new technology will double the capacity of more traditional vapor and coolant (VC) solutions. Thus, Loop Liquid Coal technology includes an annual heat pipe system consisting of steam, condenser, charging chamber, gas, and liquid pipe.

  • With a special workload on the smartphone, the coolant is pulled out.
  • Thus, Then the gas and air flow to a dense point where the vapor condenses and becomes liquid.
  • Forming a self-sustaining system, these Small Fiber fluids are collected and stored in the tank.
  • Thus, Xiaomi claims that the new technology uses the same method. As VC Liquid Cooling.
  • However, traditional VC systems do not have separate channels for steam and liquids.
  • With Liquid cool Loop technology, it offers a special gas pump tube that reduces airflow resistance by 30% and increases heat transfer efficiency by 100%.

With a Tesla microstructure valve. And increase the room’s standard heat transmission capacity. Xiaomi also announced a new mechanism for the special Xiaomi MIX 4. Which replaces the original steam chamber with a new lever of liquid carbon solution technology.

The 30-minute Impact Genshin Warm-Up runs at 60 frames per second (FPS) and maximum graphics settings. Does not exceed 47.7 degrees Celsius. And the processor is 8.6 degrees Celsius smaller than the standard version.

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