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iPhone 13 Third-Party Screen

iPhone 13 Third-Party Screen – Replacement Disables Face ID – Move Could Shatter Repair Industry – iFixit

iPhone 13 Third-Party, The iPhone screen has been replaced by Apple. Only those who are authorized by Apple can modify the iPhone 13.

Thanks to this power, many repair shops were able to close.

iPhone 13 Third-Party:

  • According to new iFixit research, replacing the iPhone 13 screen with a third-party repair shop completely disables the Face ID function.
  • Apple rejected the move in an attempt to prevent iPhone users from going to third-party repairs.
  • By bringing this barrier to screen replacement, iFixit says Apple could completely destroy the iPhone repair industry, calling it a “dark day for DIY and professional designers.”
  • Restoring a third-party iPhone from a small microcontroller device that connects the display to the phone is difficult. This chip is glued to the bottom of the screen.

iFixit’s new iPhone 13:

iFixit's New iPhone 13iFixit’s new iPhone 13 explains how to completely remove the functionality of the main face ID when you change the screen. It has a small microcontroller that needs to prepare with a new module change. And apparently, this can thus can done privately like Apple’s software. Allowing children to access it.

  • This means that regular third-party repair workers cannot fix the iPhone screen without providing a comprehensive service.
  • Thus, iFixit says it could have implications for the purely professional repair industry, with Apple Mobile Phones.
  • Thus, Playing a strong brand for the service. Smaller stores thus closed, they can choose from millions of new media loans or lose more revenue.

Apple’s Advanced Repair Network:

To reproduce children who want to live, they must either join Apple’s Advanced Repair Network. Or replace the solid body chip in the original movie. Thus, iFixit states that new equipment, such as a microscope or high-resolution webcam.

  • Thus, Hot air reverb station, thin soldering iron. And necessary BGA, flux, and other equipment thus need.
  • Many mechanics are looking for another way to do business In iFixit reports.
  • Thus, iFixit reports that the Face ID error appears even after replacing the iPhone 13 Pro Max with another original iPhone 13 Pro Max screen.
  • Confirmed when the phone is on iOS 15.1. iFixit claims that Apple’s monopoly is not new and has been closed for years for repairs.

But Apple has extinguished the lives of many repair workers by shutting down its regular machines. “If we want to fix workshops in our local communities, we have no choice but to pass laws to protect against these predatory and monopolistic practices,” iFixit says.

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