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Yamaha TW-E5B Review

Yamaha TW-E5B Review – What’s Good? What’s not Good? Should You Buy it?

Yamaha TW-E5B Review: The market for true wireless headphones (TWS) has grown rapidly in recent years. In this highly competitive market where value for money is important, Yamaha, known for its audio products, has created the TW-E5B, a good speaker at a competitive price of under Rs 15,000, making it possible to use compared to others.

Yamaha TW-E5B

Stick with something like Sony’s recently announced WF-LS900N? This is our opinion.

Yamaha TW-E5B – What’s Good?

Yamaha TW-E5B What’s Good

The design of the Fujifilm X-H2 Review is unlike any other helmet on the market. The shape is different and the ears are big. My colleagues and others have trouble getting the headphones to fit properly in their ears. I have medium ears and they fit perfectly. Yamaha has posted a safety video on YouTube that gives users an idea of how to install the headphones.

The design is so beautiful that although I haven’t stopped using it, I haven’t forgotten it. There are physical buttons on the side of the headphones. There is a button on the left ear that allows you to switch between normal mode and ambient mode. Above is one of the two physical buttons you can use to increase or decrease the volume. A long press on the bottom right button activates the voice assistant. To answer the call, press twice on the left ear.

Although I hated the physical buttons at first, I quickly got used to them. If you wear headphones at home or listen to music while exercising, you don’t have to worry about music you don’t like. The physical placement of these buttons is excellent.

The Yamaha E5B provides excellent sound quality. We listen to a variety of music from pop to rock to metal to electro and I love the experience. When listening to Digital Farm Animal Tokyo Nights, the bass is not too heavy and the separation is very good. If you like pop or music, this keyboard will be for you. I listened to Thursday’s song and the sound was great and the whole experience was perfect.

When I listened to Lana Del Rey’s Crew Home Complex, I was surprised by the vocals. Overall, the Yamaha TW-E5B’s mids and highs are great, but the lows are terrible.

Yamaha TW-E5B – What’s not Good?

What’s not Good

Design is important. The Yamaha TW-E5B wireless device is not everything. Although Yamaha says the headphones are designed for everyone, most people with large ears won’t be able to wear them. They are washed in different ways. If you want to wear a helmet, you can’t. In practice, I don’t trust them because they always have opportunities.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of active voice control (ANC). This feature is standard on all helmets, but Yamaha chose not to include it for unknown reasons. In general, these headphones have very poor ambient noise. When I stand still or play soft music, I can hear everyone around me. Do not change the volume to 50%.

The Yamaha TW-E5B Review comes with an app called “Yamaha Headphone Control”. Apart from equalization, you only have three options: “Ambient Sound”, “Ear Care” and “Game Mode”. I tried to make the ambient conditions contain whatever happened. I was listening to music on my computer through my speakers and I couldn’t hear anything. This feature doesn’t seem to work on my tester, so I’ve tried the app on other phones with the same problem.

The second word is “listen carefully.” Yamaha says this feature helps boost the bass, even at low volumes, and it works well, but some tracks seem to be missing when I turn up the volume. It also has “game mode” that works as expected, but when I put it on headphones there is an audio connection issue and the sound cuts out a moment or two.

The best speakers. When other people hear my voice, when I talk to them, they can hear noise in the background. Yamaha also claims that the TW-E5B can last up to 8.5 hours on a single charge, giving you 21.5 hours of music playback. But not more than six hours at a time. I think the new CDs don’t sound as good and turn the volume up to 50%.

Yamaha TW-E5B – Should You Buy it?

Yamaha TW-E5B Should You Buy it

Although the sound quality is good, the Yamaha TW-E5B lacks many features such as ambient mode, noise reduction, and a good microphone. If you’re looking for headphones with good battery life and good sound, the Yamaha TW-E5B is for you.

But at this price point, there are excellent options from many brands, with features such as new soundboards, great speakers, and good battery life. The Yamaha TW-E5B Review is priced at Rs 14,200, costs Rs 14,200, and will be a bank-buster.

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