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Health Benefits of Bananas

Health Benefits of Bananas to Make Body Healthy and Strong

Ever wondered what bananas are used for? Health Benefits of Bananas, thus In addition to being rich in vitamin B6, bananas are a good source of vitamin C, thus fiber, and manganese.

Bananas are also low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. So what does this mean for your health? Petty Tan, nutritionist and member of Seang’s health team, explains why bananas are good for you and when to eat them.

Health Benefits of Bananas to Make Body Healthy and Strong:

1.Bananas are an important source of vitamin B6:
The vitamin B6 in bananas is easily absorbed by the body, while medium-sized bananas provide about a quarter of the daily B6 requirement.

Vitamin B6 helps your body:

  • Repairs red blood cells.
  • Reduces the number of carbohydrates and fats in the body, converts them into energy.
  • Amino acids,
  • Waste chemicals from the liver and kidneys.
  • Maintain a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B6 is also beneficial for pregnant women thus because it meets the growing needs of your baby.

2.Bananas are a great source of vitamin C.
You can’t combine bananas with vitamin C, but medium-sized bananas will provide 10% of your daily vitamin C requirement.

Vitamin C Supplements:

  • Protects your body from cell and tissue damage.
  • Your body absorbs iron well
  • Your body produces collagen. Protein that binds skin, bones, and body together
  • Producing serotonin, which supports mental health, then is a hormone that affects the sleep cycle, stressful situations, and stress pain.

3.Manganese bananas are good for the skin:
Bananas provide 13% of the daily manganese requirement. Manganese helps the body produce collagen and protects skin and thus other cells from free radical damage.

4.The potassium in bananas is good for heart health and blood pressure:

Standard bananas contain 320 to 400 mg of potassium, which is 10% of your daily potassium requirement. Potassium helps maintain blood pressure and heart rate in the body.

Then, In addition, bananas are low in sodium. The combination of low sodium and high potassium helps control high blood pressure.

5. Bananas are good for digestion and relieve inflammation in the intestines:
Banana quality will provide about 10-12% of your daily requirement. The Health Promotion Council of Singapore recommends then 20 grams for women and 26 grams per day.

Insoluble fiber plays an important role in your health. Soluble fiber helps the body control blood sugar levels thus and break down fats like cholesterol. Then Insoluble fiber increases rigidity and flexibility, making it easier to have bowel movements. This keeps the skin healthy and protects it from harmful microbes.

Bananas, especially fresh meat, contain starch in the small intestine (powder-resistant) and can enter the large intestine. This banana variety helps you control your weight well because it lasts for a long time.

However, bananas can help you overcome stomach problems such as:

  • Constipation
  • Peptic ulcer or peptic ulcer:
  • Burning sensation in the chest and abdomen

6. Bananas provide energy: They lower fat and cholesterol levels.
Bananas contain three natural sugars. Smoothies, fruit juices, and glucose. It provides energy without fat and cholesterol. In addition, bananas are especially beneficial for children and thus athletes before and after breakfast, lunch, or exercise.

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