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Saree Designs 2022

Saree Designs – 15 Saree Beautiful That Look Stunning

Beautiful saree designs collection for women. If you are interested in traditional Indian designs and maps, you may have heard the name Leheriya in print by now. The most popular Lohria design in sarees comes from the state of Rajasthan. The pattern of popular clothing is influenced by the landscape of the state, the desert, where the ripples resemble waves.

A new trend in the Indian fashion market, this saree has a delicate ethnic look, feminine style, and rich details that celebrate India’s heritage. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with the current techniques of wave print saree design in India today.

History of Leheriya and How It Was Built:

Did you know that Bahria sarees and prints have been around in India for over 100 years? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. This pattern, which looks like a short tie and colored stripes on the fabric, dates back to the 17th century. They are in bright colors and these colors were originally influenced by the original minerals, plants, and ancient cultures. Bahria was first popularized by the royal family of Rajasthan. The Rajput kings used Lohria cloth as a turban. Finally, today we have a series of garments designed with this beautiful pattern.

Beautiful Leheriya Saree Designs With Pictures:

Below we have put together the best collection of Sari Lohria with pictures that will impress you.

1. Wavy Saree With Gota Strip:

This Lohri sari is designed in stripes and is decorated with gutta leaf, it gives a modern look and is compatible with a variety of traditional prints. A beautiful chocolate-embroidered saree complements the elegant and simple design with a beautiful look, perfect for a stunning entry into a party or family gathering. If you are looking for a traditional printed Lohria saree in Diva mode, this is an ideal option.

  • Design: Bahria saree is decorated with brown and gold stripes.
  • Fabric: Lycra.
  • Events: parties, family gatherings
  • Body type: thin, pear
  • Styling Tip: Wear the saree well with a sophisticated sweater, combine it with a sleeveless top in a contrasting color, and add minimal elegant things to look stunning. Wear traditional tubes or moccasins.
2. Wavy Georgette Saree:

This beautiful red wave saree is perfect for women who want a bright and vibrant design with appearance. The sari looks stunning with its bangs and design which adds elegance and style. The rich color design of the tie also gives it a perfect shape. What do you think?

  • Pattern: Red Lohria series with gold trim
  • Factory: Georgette
  • Ceremony: party dress
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple
  • Style Tips: Wear a stick drop saree, pair it with minimal accessories and pair it with a blouse with a neckline or collar to look beautiful. Make a good dancer or mule in a saree.

3. Multicolor Chiffon Leheriya Saree:

What do you think about this beautiful saree? The saree ripple is a type of dyed silk fabric, it is a good choice for women who prefer the feminine and ethnic look. The beautiful saree is light, easy to wear, and instantly creates a simple look. Whether it’s a great meeting or dinner, give it a try and we’re sure it’ll get your attention!

  • Design: Wavy Saree Women Multi-Color
  • Fabric: A type of silk fabric
  • Ceremony: Dinner
  • Body type: thin
  • Style Tips: Wear sarees with earrings and bracelets, a simple top without sleeves, and lace-up shoes.
4. Banarsi Leheriya Saree:

What about combining a beautiful traditional band print with a ripple design? We like the beauty of the saree style and it fits well. The red and pink wave saree makes you look like a diva. The sari is presented with an adventure and comes to you with a modern style. What do you think?

  • Design: The Lohria series of red and pink banarsi is adorned with fringes.
  • Factory: Georgette
  • Ceremony: party dress
  • Body type: hourglass, thin, and pear
  • Styling Tip: For a stunning look, combine a traditional brown blouse with elegant accessories and sarees with corners.

5. Designer Saree:

We also have this traditional and beautiful saree. The orange and gold-shaped silk wave sari gives you a great ethnic atmosphere with a stunning look. A beautiful saree is an ideal option for a size that looks transparent.

  • Design: Wavy saree, orange, and gold design.
  • Fabric: Silk texture
  • Ceremony: Wedding
  • Body type: thin, sandglass
  • Style Tips: Wear a sari with a stick shaft, pair it with traditional jewelry and heavy accessories. Wear it with a classic blouse in contrasting colors for a brighter look.
6. Heavy Saree With Border:

Turquoise Blue Turquoise Heads have a heavy design, embroidery, design, and unusual design. The rich and intricate details are different from the saree with its stunning traditional look. If you prefer a chunky saree design that looks great, give it a try! We believe that a sari will strengthen your style.

  • Design: Blue and gold embroidered saree with thick borders.
  • Factory: Polyseta
  • Events: Traditional party costumes
  • Body type: Anyone
    Style Tips: For a perfect look, wear a Palo drop saree, harmoniously designed blouse, and simple accessories.

7. Banarasi Saree Designs:

We are all aware of the wealth of the Banarasi survey. And the wave print and the red saree? We believe that no other saree can beat the great traditional style. This wave pattern Banarasi saree is available in gold, gold, and silver colors. Beautiful patterns are added to create a stylish and attractive look.

  • Design: Lohria Banarasi Red Head Band with Gold Trim
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Ceremony: Wedding
  • Body type: hourglass, pear
  • Styling Tip: Wear a beautiful traditional blouse, flat shoes, and saree with traditional gold accessories to look beautiful.
8. Cotton Saree Designs:

The characteristic of Lahriya Saree is that it looks simple, elegant, and beautiful despite the saree. For example. We love the green and beige geometric print women’s Lahore saree. The beautiful saree looks designer as well as adds a modern and traditional twist to the classic look.

  • Design: Wavy saree in green and beige.
  • fabric: cotton
  • Events: Traditional party costumes
  • Body type: Anyone
  • Style Tips: Wear a pendant, beautiful jewelry, and a sari with a pointed top to look beautiful.

9. Organza Saree:

Bahria handmade organza saree is here. We like the beauty and attractiveness of the saree. The red saree is a beautiful piece and goes well with beautifully designed blouses. Take a look at the style of this Lohria printed saree and we are sure that you will look beautiful and elegant.

  • Design: Red Sabichi Lahria Saree.
  • Fabric: silk organza.
  • Ceremony: Wedding
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple
  • Style Tips: Wear Palo Drop Saree, Wear It with Designer Blouse, and Add Heavy Accessories for Final Look.
10. Crepe Saree Designs:

Lohri Printed Saree is one of the new and exciting products in the market. Beautiful black and mustard yellow saree with some beautiful blouse with a beautiful border and a beautiful print. The saree looks green and feminine which gives it a festive look with full transparency. What do you think?

  • Design: Czech wave saree in black and mustard yellow.
  • Factory: polygraph
  • Event: Party
  • Body type: hourglass, pear
  • Styling Tip: For the best look, pair the sari with a printed blouse, simple traditional accessories, and high heels.

11. Shilpa Shetty in Leheriya Saree:

Famous actress Shilpa Shetty Kandira Devi looks in this beautiful pink saree. The beautiful saree has borders and a hand-painted bra that enhances the overall look. The saree look gives you a traditional but bright and elegant look.

  • Design: Pink wavy saree with hand-painted blouse.
  • Fabric: Georgette and raw silk
  • Event: Party
  • Body type: thin and small
  • Style Tip: Pair a hand-painted blouse with a saree and pair it with heel accessories for a final look.

12. Saree Designs Party Wear:

This amazing piece in Lahria Saree due to its unique shape and design. A wavy organza saree printed in red gives you a luxurious feeling and a perfect, beautiful look. Style appropriately with this masterpiece and show off your fashion style and we are sure that all your attention will be focused.

  • Design: Red Organza Drop Patty Wave Saree.
  • Fabric: Organza
  • Events: Party, Cocktail
  • Body type: Pear and thin
  • Light Tip: With a blouse designed with a saree and to look elegant, add small accessories and a flat mule or loaf.
13. Silky Tusser Saree:

Silk Lohria Saree Tozer gives a different feel due to the luxurious design and its offer. We like this colorful silk band saree. The saree is beautiful and light, breathable, and blends in with modern colors, yet it delights in the rich heritage of India. Listen up

  • Design: Wavy sari in different colors, natural colors
  • Fabric: cough silk
  • Events: Outdoor, Holiday
  • Body type: Apple, hourglass
  • Styling Tip: Wear a long sleeve saree, style it with minimal accessories, but for a more elegant look, add heels and a clutch bag.

14. Linen Print Saree Designs:

This Lohri Katani saree gives you a cinematic sense of its feminine and beautiful appearance. Bahria Multi-Color Modern Print Saree is beautiful and everything is beautiful. Ideal for a simple but classic, timeless, and attractive place. We like this simple saree with a ripple design.

  • Design: Print design wave saree for women
  • Factory: Lenin
  • Events: Occasional holidays
  • Body type: thin, sandglass
  • Styling Tip: Pair the saree with a fabulous long neck blouse with minimal accessories and we are sure you will look your best.

15. Kota Doria Saree:

Finally, we also have this blue silk saree from Doria Lohria, which is always beautiful and charming. The sari recalls the traditional look of ethnic heritage with the classic wave print. The whole shape is made from the fabric of Rajasthan and gives it a beautiful traditional style. What is your opinion about this saree?

  • Design: Doria City Saree with Blue Wave Print
  • Fabric: Urban silk
  • Events: Traditional / Celebration
  • Body type: slim, hourglass, pear
  • Style Tips: Wear a saree with traditional ethnic accessories with a hanging pole and pair it with Hungarian or traditional shoes.

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