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Main Facebook Updates

The Main Facebook Updates You Shouldn’t Miss For Businesses

We have also got news about where Facebook planning on going with new personalization experiences, investing in creators, and some updates around prescription drug ad policies. There’s plenty to cover, as always, so let’s take a look at all the Facebook updates.

Facebook Pay has been around for one minute now, but it’s been on-site exchanges between users, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Main Facebook Updates Payment Option For Businesses:

Now, Facebook Pay is extending off-site to participating platforms. Just as users can take advantage of paying through fast-pay options like PayPal on third-party sites. This will provide a near-immediate checkout process that could help increase both desktop and mobile purchases.

Personalized Experiences Of Next Era:

Dan Levy, Vice President of Ads & Business products released a statement this month sharing where Facebook plans to go moving forward with personalization. These were the highlights:

  • New privacy-enhancing technologies will minimize the amount of personal information Facebook processes while still showing relevant ads.
  • Product and business discovery features, like an in-testing Newsfeed experience that allows users to tap to explore content from businesses in topics like beauty, fitness, or clothing.
  • Therefore, Small business badges will be tested to be placed on ads to encourage purchasing.
  • A modern eCommerce system is in development to help meet the demand for on-platform product discovery and shopping (which we can see with some of the AR tools in the next section).
  • New Business Suite tools to help businesses improve, optimize, and potentially even automate their market personalizatión, inversión in corridors algunas actualizaciones sobre las políticals publications medicamentos recetados.

Arvind Education Policies Prescription Drugs:

We know that this isn’t directly relevant to many of our readers. But for medical businesses and the agencies who help them advertise on Facebook, pay close attention to this one. Facebook has tightened regulations about how prescription drugs are advertised on the platform.

This is what you need to know:

  • You cannot sell prescription drugs on Facebook
  • You cannot promote the use of illicit drugs or illegal drug use.
  • Online pharmacies and telehealth providers must submit written certification Legiscript before promoting prescription drugs on Facebook.
  • Only online pharmacies, telehealth providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can promote products in the US, Canada, New Zealand.
  • In conclusion, They cannot target people under 18 years of age.

Investing Over One Billion Dollars Main Facebook Updates:

The current bonus opportunities are available by invitation on Facebook now, and include:

  • In-stream bonus, which pays out earnings to eligible creators using in-stream ads.
  • Stars bonus, which pays out monthly bonuses to eligible video and gaming creators.
  • Who hit specific Stars milestones over the next three months.
  • IGTV ads bonus allows creators to earn a one-time bonus for signing up for the IGTV ad platform.
  • The badges in the Live bonus reward eligible creators when they reach badge milestones like going Live with another account.
  • The Reels Summer bonus, which will launch soon to pay creators for high-performing Reels content.

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