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Zelda's Tears of The Kingdom

Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom – Everything We Know

The negotiator statues in Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom provide useful weapons and resources for dealing with Puss, but players must first capture these giants. Players will soon start playing The Legend of Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom, go to Side View, and find a small leprechaun-like merchant statue.  Players can purchase Green Bargainer Statue Poes in depth where they can purchase items, weapons, and clothing. When Link talks to the underworld statue in view, the statue will say that there are other similar statues in the wards. By finding and supporting these characters, the alliance can gain more hearts or the power to open more shops. Additionally, the merchant’s statue may have a link to Zelda’s signature blue Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom. However, it can be difficult to cast shades and shadows.

Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom

Zelda's Tears

The God statue in the Temple of Time now speaks to Link, the voice of the God statue in the mine below. The merchant statue asks the Alliance to find four eyes in the four corners of the Great Empire, send them into the depths, and return to the merchant statue. This is the official release of the “Call of Depth” sideshow. The location of each eye is indicated by one of the four holes at that location on the player’s map.

When Link’s eyes fall into a hole and follow the Depth, the player must show an image of the speaker who must move for a while. The best way to make it visible is to do something in Ultrahand. Some screens can use my car systems, while others require players to build cars or other quests using Zonai tools. If Link returns his four eyes to the statue, he will complete the journey in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and unlock a new statue.

All Bargainer Statue Locations Within The Depths

Most trainer dolls in Zelda’s Tears of The Kingdom are unlocked when players find and talk to them. However, the largely abandoned statue in the mine requires practice on the side to open. Most of the statues are in Deep’s main area, while some of the statues have Lightroot nearby as a character. Along with the purchased statue, players can get Dark Link Armor from Tears of the Empire and Solid Armor from Zelda: TOTK.

How To Unlock The Great Abandoned Central Mine Bargainer Statue

The Great Central Mine The statue in the Central Mine in Zelda: Tears of the Empire is like no other statue. When Link arrives, he mentions the stone gate of the Great Plateau at the beginning of Breath of the Wild. Players must head northeast of the Great Plateau and destroy some rocks near the Great Stone Gate. A stream of water behind the gate reveals a small merchant statue connected to the Temple of Time on the other side of the plain.

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